"The Bodyguard (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Samurai Sendzhuro is a trickster. He is noble, but it works deception. He is strong, but loses due to those who are trying to protect. He does not hesitate to trot out his sword, but cherishes the lives of his casual acquaintances. He laughs all around, but struggles against injustice. It comes out of nowhere, but it takes other people's problems as their own. Having solved the problem, he again goes nowhere. He is in a way the beginning and end of which is not known to us.
Samurai Sendzhuro with jokes and rhymes, enters the fray. He hired local oligarchs oppose gangs who fight each other ruining the neighborhood and attract new robbers. Bandits, as the protagonist, is also going to deceive and weave. But they do not have the honor and motivates them jade profit and power, in his tyranny, and with the connivance of corrupt officials, they break people's lives.
Sendzhuro appears to us as a Japanese super-hero who does not go past injustices. It is not limited to stating the imperfection of the world and regret about this imperfection, and the activity begins to change the world. This is the hero the world needs. People are cynical and deprived of hope, they know that there is no escape, and are ready to die. Only a rogue is able to pull the world out of the rut in which he got for his arrogance.
To solve this case Sendzhuro invents ingenious plans and each time the plan is not fully succeed, that every time breaks. But the samurai does not give up, comes up with a new plan, still to go but the blade. Thanks to this film very interesting until the end. Akira Kurasawa certainly a genius.
10 of 10

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