"The Bodyguard (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Beforehand I explain that old movies have great respect and realize the full value of their success at the time, but some (especially Asian) tape is now playing well, very hard, especially if you do not blaze a special love for their culture or way of acting. And to put the film top marks just because he is old and overgrown film awards, and considering the fact that for me personally it is not so sunk into the soul, I think blasphemy, and because - followed by only my subjective thoughts, do not pretend to be objective.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that in the beginning I saw the remake of the tape from the Sergio Leone « a Fistful of dollars » with Clint Eastwood, the original film of cult Japanese director Akira Kurosawa to watch it even harder, still less a remake of the film with techn tion point of view, and Asian (especially Japanese) style of acting to me not very much liked, as they outperform in a terrible way. But we must pay tribute, it is still the primary source of remarkable westerns, respectively, and treated him with a certain condescension.
The first thing that impresses is, of course, the main character. It was he - the center of all that is good in this tape. He was very harsh, brutal, cunning and calculating. Filigree thinking through a its course after the other, the Samurai Sendzhuro goes to his goal - to push their heads against the two warring clan so that they completely destroy each other
It is because of the story this film and I want to watch. the end, look at the differences between the original and the remake Leone (who were not so much) and to assess how this will end in the original story. The story and dialogues are impressive even today, as there is little in the film is so rigid and unshakable protagonists who has one of his phrases or gestures can show all his remarkable coolness.
However, there is a history to reach the action scenes, as total comedy begins (of course, this will only be able to feel the modern audience), for all the fights with swords look so ridiculous and overly staged, even wonder, how could someone to impress in his time such scenes. But of course, the downside is we will not assume it is better in those days could hardly be removed and curse old movie for weak action scenes - somehow dishonest will
Now begins the very subjective myslishki,. I talked about in the first paragraph. The local acting (of course, except for the main character) is so grotesque, willfully and in bad Pathetic, that as much shudder of some scenes. When Sendzhuro standing in front of a group of thieves and those to show his coolness begins with the naive child, literally slyuntyavymi replicas and scary faces grimacing samurai prove that they are all of a frost-bitten - by golly, it is objectively impossible to watch everyone. It completely kills the seriousness. Fortunately though, in the remake of the western-flatulence removed.
And so we can say just about all the scenes where the actors try to scream, growl, clever, in general, all the emotional scenes. It's all reminiscent of some kind of kindergarten, forgive me fans of the Japanese school of acting and this film in particular. The protagonist is so good that no gestures or hamming throughout timekeeping. If he was the same as the rest of the cast, I would have probably shot before the final credits
Bodyguard -. A film that I probably did not look at the time. Firstly, much more impressive remake already otsmotren, a fan of Japanese cinema, I am not, respectively, this is a situation where two minuses do not give a plus. But for over a charismatic main character, an interesting story, and of course, the strong success in its time, which eventually allowed western cinema to create an even more impressive film based on Kurosawa's creations are also entered in the history of cinema. But of him as anything other time. And the project of the above (Japanese cinema fans boldly throws a couple of points):
7 of 10

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