"The Blind Side" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are movies that all your device or a separate piece cinematic able to touch people, to make them experience the emotional turmoil. And there are pictures which, like the truck, simply throws the audience at full speed, and while he could not escape, while trying to recover, they are, these paintings-trucks ambulance teach him senseless, something important, doctors hardened Lots of soul and mind, in a word, doing changeover reformatting outlook. About this film, I want to tell you today.
Exemplary ideal family white millionaires takes into his home illiterate beggar unsociable a black burglar, rejected by society, and give him a chance at a new life, helping to become a sports star. Fairy tale, you might say. Dark-skinned Cinderella story in the boys' appearance. And you will be almost right. With a small but significant amendment - this film is based on real events, and a biographical book differences have very little tape. The fact that in this case, the viewer does not deal with the talented visionary director John Lee Hancock and screenwriter Michael Lewis on the goodness of human hearts in the clink and soaked aggression of the world, and with genuine facts, this film raises a few levels higher. Even inveterate skeptics have to agree here that there is in the world to really good people, worthy of awards and honors, there's still a place in the world of wonders. How else if not a miracle explain what happened to the Michael Oerom on the eve of Thanksgiving
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received the coveted Oscar in 2010 for her role in this film, Sandra Bullock from the scene said: 'Thank you to everyone who has been good to me when it was not fashionable to ' . I, in turn, would like to say to Sandra and all who worked on this film, thanks for what you are shown how to be good at a time when it is absolutely not fashionable, for reminding people about the main thing, for that have made a heroic but doomed to fail (like 'charge of the light Brigade' ) in the world's gross and evil men the heroic attempt to bring humanity to the Era of mercy . I never would have thought that after the 'Green Mile' I have something capable of so touched. It's good that this is happening, and I hope that will happen.
admit, I was somewhat shocked the entire stream of negativity, which resulted in the Sandra Bullock after the presentation of her statues. I somewhat agree with people who say that it is not the great acting and not even the most prominent role of Sandra, but listen. I watched as my favorite movies from Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan . With all due respect to them, unless it was some unearthly work? No. And even if it was true. Sometimes what I did to Sandra screen, more important than any acting. I think Sandra is very big heart, because you can not enter into such a role, just pretend it's about you. This history must necessarily pass through the heart to feel. Only then will this way about it to tell others.
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PS I am sincerely sorry for the people who write negative reviews of the film, try to see in all this propaganda of political correctness, tolerance and other husk. I would like to ask these people what's wrong with you, what happened to you, why you no longer understand kindness, and to distinguish the genuine from the cardboard? What happened to all the world and people, why we are wary of something bright and well and as something that should be seen cruelty, selfishness and indifference
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PSS I caught myself thinking that the lead actor Quinton Aaron reminded me of two other Dobryakov-husky:. Bob Sapp (Svitovski) in my favorite movie 'All or nothing' and Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey) as mentioned by me already 'Green mile'. Something about this is, right?

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