"The Blind Side" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«The Blind Side» ... How is the exact name of the movie? How successful is the translation? I have heard other versions, which might fit better, but "The Blind Side" ... a beautiful name for a movie. Despite the paradoxical - even colorful. But you have the name, if you have not seen the movie? Vaguely heard about it? And ... you also still have not seen, but you should still check. Why
That's what I see when browsing:
The main character - this is a very strong character, in the sense of history, the script, a striking character. In spite of its work, the environment, a lot of money, which often spoil the people, she sees the boy and after a couple of seconds decides to let him into my life. In his life and his family. And everyone just left that put up with her act. It does not pay any attention to public opinion. Her actions surprised. Listening to his heart and his alone, it is absolutely a stranger gives everything. Of course, she thinks about the consequences, initially feared if she did the right thing, because does not know Michael. But wants to learn.
striking that Lee Ann so easy a chance Oeru. Lee sees the boy who had been through a lot, who need care and the family. Her actions amaze and inspire. Through her compassion all around are starting to change, including the very Ann. And almost at the end of the film, after all, what it does for others, ask a question: whether it is a good man ...
Michael Oher - the big guy, the silent, closed, from unfavorable families, from disadvantaged areas. He does not wait for help, he is small, he can do in this life, but many realize the truth is not talking about it. He also impresses the viewer by the fact that, in spite of all their experiences, he has a good heart, he knows how to love and worries about loved ones. Quiet inside. But he is ready to protect the family.
There is little SJ . Nimble lad nerobkogo dozen. He seemed to want to contrast this story. After all, they are completely opposite to Michael, but from the first seconds of acquaintance as brothers.
Family Tui should be the example of my mother, and only with a sigh (without bickering, without complaint), but fully accepts Man. They did not need him, do not ask, and, in general, do not expect anything in return, just as a mother gives family care.
And Big Mike from the closed, unsociable kid to become a worthy member of society. Through this support, it reveals their talents to sport and to the study
And then we realize that this is a film about family values, the family -. It is a great value. Heat the good people on the one hand, hard sports game on the other ... But Mike finds a balance and making great strides. It seems that this is the story of Cinderella.
Like many in modern times lifted militants snotty melodramas, comedies ... As sometimes lack a simple family happiness on the screen. Present.
The film used a strong dialogue, inspiring words. Superb acting. Do not cry or tears, or remember, the ability to show the internal struggle, humility.
P.S. Sandra Bullock - just difficult to find words to express its importance for the film. All seems smooth and quiet, even boring to her appearance. From the first frame visible professional acting. And she's really good, it attracts the attention of the viewer. What her wonderful outfits. Do you often see Sandra blonde? She is very bright and positive image and it shows in every detail. Delicate shades of clothes, white fashion watches, pearl lipstick and even a light machine.
Throughout the film, I still admired writers, make-up artists and dressers, thinking how wonderful matched cast ... admired, until he finally found out that the best writer - it is life itself. It's a true story and the characters are as close in appearance to real people.
If what is shown in the film can take place in our lives (often that Hollywood is drawing too perfect stories), until I calm for our the planet.
PPS Think about those who are next to you who gives you love, who believes in you ... Tell them thank you for that, do not loiter, now tell me!
9 of 10

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