"The Blind Side" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

How many people nowadays can despite their prejudices and biases to help the suffering person, who has no home, no family, no friends, no knowledge, who really do anything and do not? Really just such wonderful people in our time is very small, and all because society has ceased to pay attention to other people's problems, after seeing the other person's suffering, they simply pass by and do nothing, and in the end everything is in order to end human suffering very badly. But about such kind and helpful people, this picture and said, because it is thanks to people the world was now famous footballer Michael Oher, in which there was nothing but a tall and well-built. Sheltered his family was able to unleash the full potential of the seemingly hopeless black guy who is nothing but their physical data, and could not boast, since neither good grades, no respectable family, he certainly was not. Despite all this, take it into their ranks the family was able to make Michael an educated man who has achieved a lot in life.
If we now start writing strictly about the film, it turned out he was a very nice, kind, to some extent, and instructive most importantly touching and strong emotionally. It is also worth noting that despite its genre of sports drama "The Blind Side" is quite an interesting movie, well, to me personally while watching has never been boring. Generally always wonder how Americans manage to shoot such smart movies about a stupid, rude and uncouth football while getting stuck not on the game itself, and on its participants, which, by their break up and which had on its way to tell so much, that the ordinary man and never dreamed of. This tape is removed very well and really touches a nerve, to me personally, "The Blind Side" is very pleased and I think that the movie is absolutely deservedly occupies a high place in the Top 250 and was rightly nominated for the "Oscar" in the main category. Probably worth a little more detail to tell you about the storyline, which I now do.
The plot tells the story of a healthy, fat, stupid and talkative little black guy named Michael, who in addition to outstanding physical data nothing else can boast. It was separated from the mother of a drug addict long ago and now he has no home, no family, nothing. Since the necessary knowledge for admission to any educational institution, Michael and no, he has no choice how to start to wander, but by a happy coincidence, the hero finds himself in a very prestigious school, but only due to the fact that the coach of the local football team asked the right people, for such a giant of his team obviously does not hurt. The truth is soon found out that because of the poor progress, Michael can be expelled, so that all the flour coach will be in vain.
Everything went on as usual, the truth as long as Michael does not take to his family Tui, which is very rich and famous. Despite the fact that the emergence of a family of black illiterate beggar could harm the image and prestige of the family of Tui decides to Michael to him and help him become a true, complete human being who has come a great, promising future. Soon, the hero begins to gradually open up and get free which allows it to learn better, and of course to play football, where Michael shows excellent results. True terrible past still sometimes makes itself felt ...
wonderful script, and most importantly, it is based on a true story, in which I personally can hardly believe it, but it's true. In general, for the scenic component safely put five points, it was of course a bit snobbish in some places, but in spite of this the highest score you can still deliver. Actors played well, gave it to complete that.
«I'm sorry, but on the couch, I can not let you organize, where my husband sleeps!»
«And that, Mr. Thuy is sleeping on the couch?»
"Only when badly behaved!»
i'll start with probably Sandra Bullock, which is for this role won her the "Oscar" of the first and last to date. The award is absolutely deserved, because Sandra first tried my best to, well, and secondly out of the bored comedy role and moved into a dramatic image that she is also very good at playing. My assessment of the acting and great game in this tape is of course the five points. A fine job with the role previously unknown to me an actor Quinton Aaron, although to me it seems to be made of his character some too shy and bedraggled, but in general, played Aaron normal, so my assessment is solid four points. Good were Tim McGraw and his on-screen son in the performance of small Jay Heda .
Remarkably played a young, but very talented actress Lily Collins, at the which although it was not so much screen time, I was able to remember and to make, well, personally at me a good impression. From the rest of the cast would have noted a small role Kathy Bates, well, and in general for all the actors put five, because they deserve it. The soundtrack was good, but few memorable so that it evaluate, I probably will not. Finally commended for their excellent work director John Lee Hancock, which made a very competent and high-quality film, which is sure to take its place in world cinema. That's all I wanted to write about this picture, so I left to bring the end, what I will do now.
«I am happy, very happy!»
«This happiness has something to do with Michael ? »
« No, it is due entirely to Michael »
Summary:! good, good, charming, touching movie that shows once again that the world is still there are kind and helpful people who are able to help a person suffering from a neighbor and it does not require him to something supernatural in return. To me personally, "The Blind Side" is very much liked, so my assessment of the maximum, namely:
10 of 10

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