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Courage difficult to understand. Sometimes courage is based on a silly idea or mistake, but you should not ask adults or their coach or teacher, because they create the rules. Maybe they know best, but maybe not. It all depends on who you are, where you are. I always have to do what you tell others? Sometimes you do not even know why you do something. Brave maybe any fool, but the nobility - is the real cause of behavior. It shows who you are and maybe who you want to be. If you die in the fight for something important - it means that you have a big heart and courage. And this is good. It is necessary to hope for courage and try to be noble. And, perhaps, even to pray that the people who tell you what to do, and those possessed, and the
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Six nominations for various awards -. Actors Guild Award, two premium channel 'the MTV', 'Golden Globe', two - at the 'Oscar' (including best Picture). Three wins in the category 'Best Actress'. Sandra Bullock in 2010, ahead of Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, Carey Mulligan and Gabourey Sidibe. It is known that Bullock could not get this role on their own initiative because of disagreements with the director's vision of her character. Failure to follow three times, after which John Lee Hancock has taken desperate measures in their own persuasion, thereby ensuring the actress is not only a fundamental part in the project, but also the unprecedented success
How can we learn from the category 'kinopoisk' -. 'Do you know that ... 'the film is based on the book by Michael Lewis «the Blind Side: Evolution of the Game» (in Russian translation, most likely, it does not yet exist), in no way tells the biography footballer Michael Oera. He was a homeless teenager who sheltered respectable wealthy family, nurtured future NFL star.
The career of John Lee Hancock at the moment it is the most successful film. He has released five years after "Fort Alamo 'the victim at the box office so serious crash, the decision directed for some time not to make a film logical. From 'The Blind Side' came out exactly the opposite: at very tolerable for the Hollywood production budget she paid for itself several times in both the US and around the world
the above - the actual side of the coin.. I brought her not to boast of his own curiosity, or the fate of a successful film and those involved in it. It is important to understand two other things. First, after any failure can be defeated in the next battle, to be honest (in this case - with the audience) and the hard-nosed (when three rebuffs Sandra Bullock - give up easily). Second, you can go on about the other people (in this case - the producers) and try to make something that does not belong to the soul or do not have the ability to. Do you have to say: 'This is a strong option for a historical background! This is not a private story, a large-scale canvas of the great battle! '. As a result, all fails, because among the expensive scenery was no place for the most important - for the soul. But when you predprimesh attempt to rehabilitate himself, choosing for themselves what is really worth the effort and can get (remember, John Lee Hancock has rented sports biographical drama, it was called 'Newbie', and took it very well) - everything will change for the better. The winner is not a business, the art of winning. Art goes into eternity, as a rallying senses, mind and memory. Business -. Just coming and going into oblivion figures dissolved
time I liked 'The Blind Side' not only because of the game Sandra Bullock, although here it is hearty and so natural that it does not just believe - fall in love with her and in heroine and as a woman. The film also carries a deep moral message, completely without the use of pearl venerable philosophers or overly dramatic event-motivated. Taking a look at what is happening in life, ninety percent of the director filled with positive history of principles: if you lack the bold and decisive in their kindness pictures, the selection is made correctly
Firstly, characters.. Someone will say: 'It does not happen!'. Nevertheless, antagonists of one, two - obchelsya, and only once did they pose a threat, at other times barely tried podgadit protagonists. Believe in the power of good is easy, because the director turns to persuade the viewer in the reliability of both the nature of actions coming either from the heart, either through ignorance or because of the harmful anger and envy. Like feel to the subcutaneous level that evil exists somewhere behind the scenes, but it is far, it is almost impossible to get in touch with him, although the main character more experienced in the past - and it is felt too. But the power of generosity outweighs, and even if sometimes it resembles something childishly unreal, let numerous luck troubled Michael Oera sypyatsya screen as nuts, in such a trust: an explanation for everything - not mythical luck and work on yourself and the ability to sacrifice his own comfort for the sake of someone -What else. It is the real, productive, useful traits to man.
Second, a sober relation of sports and life. It could be a drama about the American football with a splash of life, but it's a drama about the life and family interspersed with football. At the head - not catering to fans of the game, and the human fate and the price of care, rescue, friendship, love - to those who do not like you, but the one in whom you are just yourself and see. This is called humanity. So here you will not be too much to watch sporting events. Here you will learn the history of success and what led to it behind the scenes struggle on the field and subsequent awards, but the foundation was manifested results.
Third, John Lee Hancock succeeded in disarming simplicity, hurting those internal strings that do not affect the philosophical depth, love or family tragedy, action with special effects. The mere fact that rich white woman picks seven uneducated, poor black teenager is already a first step to distrust skeptical audience, but life is unpredictable, stereotypical representations it has no place. The rich also have a big heart as extremely simple, without any intricate shape and content of the film may hit deeper than the movie 'with a twist' or the whole 'grapes' merits.
Honored nominations and awards. Fair cash and popular success. 'The Blind Side' - the film, which should be more. After these films cease to doubt the global impact of kindness, honesty and generosity, which may not necessarily be shown to a group or a whole layer of people. Enough to do good to one person in the world to become lighter and better
Whatever you may be -. It all depends on personal choice

9 out of 10.

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