"The Blind Side" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Undaunted wonderful nature in its manifestations. Here and there it happens Unbelievable. Chimpanzees provide shelter orphaned predators that prefer to monkeys for dinner. Blood enemies, cats and dogs, licking their wounds at each other. Rich white woman may suddenly inflamed concern to blacks and to take patronage over difficult teenager with dysfunctional past.
painting by John Lee Hancock has not showered the US Academy awards, but seriously claimed the top prize in the category "Best Film of the Year." A leading lady, actress Sandra Bullock, even left the ceremony in an embrace with the first of his career golden statuette. The reasons for such close attention to the pompous and pretentious drama is based on real events that are on the surface. America prosperous once again prove to myself that life is beautiful.
... The prosperous and prestigious private Christian school has a new pupil. Worn sneakers blacks overgrown nicknamed "Big Mike" cause confusion among classmates, and his manner of drawing on the back of the control test is becoming a major topic of gossip in the staff room. Hero of the occasion benefactors - the coach of the local football team, which was led to the generous promises of the former trustee Mike. Indeed, a healthy fellow can not have success on the sports field. However, according to the rules of admission to the school field are only those who are in this good learning. And Mike, though not autistic, but the desire to integrate into the learning process does not show.
saves the happy family Thuy, the nominal head of a housewife Leigh Anne invites uncomplaining boy sleep on silk sheets of her suburban mansion. The family of Tui, which owns hundreds of fast food restaurants, has a weight of itself and on school-sports arena in particular. When he saw what others did not see, Lee Ann continues to believe in the boy whose life had already become thoroughly podgadit. Imperceptibly Michael Oher becomes part of the family of Tui gets personal tutor right (driving, etc.), and even the opportunity to express themselves in a sport where it naturally becomes a star. So gentle and tender love could not become the guarantee of a large, almost great success ...
Americans do not like unfinished sentences. This is the French can pull out the formation of the human soul, examine it under a microscope and then throw on the roadside. In Hollywood, where still strong principles of the great American dream, the story should end on a positive note. The viewer is simply obliged to be touched Fortunately main characters, at the cost of emotional turmoil and tears templates. And they let him continue paddling to dramatize
Temporary blurred understanding of the family Thuy -. It is the real story, not some kind of fruit inflamed imagination. Descendants of slaves, hard Mahal oars in the galleys and served the plantation today pleasuring white audience, breaking noses and breaking bones on the football field. For access to the gladiatorial arena need to fight since childhood. Eat well, be an exemplary member of society, to learn from one five and cause tenderness in the middle class of the Aryan ... excuse me, of the American race, their translational success. Michael Oeru, we can say lucky. Once in the stream, he has become an example for others. Now everyone can say that in the US people and the president are united in their desire to trample colonial manners and racist past.
Ribbon Hancock hit it in the brain, but in the heart. Those who are accustomed to when viewing include the gray matter, many moments seem fantastic. Since taking over the white negro school without advice and ending compassionate little family, sheltered hefty bumpkin on full board. The audience seemed to sneak peeks into some parallel reality, where fluffy "Snow White" admonish gangsters with a half-turn, alienated from its own glamorous friends and girlfriends and swim against the current, colliding heads with buoys and breakwaters. And if you seriously believe that the presence of the history of real prototypes something dramatically changes, the time for you to a psychiatrist.
Film Academy to the provocation did not lead. Despite the nomination, tape Oscar cheated, naturally gave the victory to a more serious, though still controversial project Katherine Bigilou "The Hurt Locker." Holiday occurred just outside of Sandra Bullock, who went around a turn, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. Here, rather, I tripped, "if only it got rid," for quite neglected by box office hit of the jury could not. It's funny that Bullock in the same year, raped Razzie for the comedy "All About Steve." And here the question arises: whether the star can be both the best and the worst? Or playing herself, she was convincing in the same context, and in the other - a parody of the actress? Personally, my opinion about Bullock after watching the "invisible hand" is not shaken. Much more interesting it looked in another Oscar winner - "Collision", but the case of the past years
Erected in the status of national tolerance problems of the rich white people to the poor oppressed blacks became a red rag, no way in the frame of the "invisible hand" wave all who. not laziness. This cleverly hidden pathos of the more dangerous and more brazen than obtusely-rectilinear in shape and expression appeals to the conscience of the nation, sounding in the official propaganda materials and military-patriotic blockbusters. Of course, the authors have done everything possible to cause the viewer to pity Big Mike, whose fate will touch only the most hardened hearts. But in sincerity of emotional outbursts other characters if you do not believe it hardly, it fits and starts. The game of "believe - do not believe it" continues throughout the film, which in no way can not affect the general aftertaste
And it would not hurt if Hancock managed to squeeze in his creation at least a little intrigue.. It is clear from the words can not erase songs and come up for a family of Tuy would be wrong. And then later cast aside for claims a distortion of reality. But conflicts sucked from the finger, frankly boring story and a clear swing to turn Oscar potentially severe social drama in the rubber funny carnival masks. Each character is precisely those feelings that should. Ambition and social position Housewives - respect children - tenderness, Big Mike - insinuating highlight the eyes. But along the way there are no sharp rocks and deep valleys. No strain of feeling, rage, righteous anger or depression. Liberally lubricated skis are an athlete to the finish line and not a single reason to doubt his victory. And as we would like.
Hollywood Opponents exclaim that, well, what are you waiting for? Americans make movies for the Americans for American money. But why, then, "American Beauty," Sam Mendes is a heightened sense of sadness and understanding? Why "American History X" gives food for conversation? Apparently, it's not, by whom and for whom, and in the ability and the desire not just to splurge, and to develop a theme from all sides. And this is from a former writer picture Clint Eastwood's "Perfect World" did not work.
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