The big five personality model Essay

The big five personality model

Extraversion: Extraversion personality people are sociable, outgoing and assertive, it captures our comfort level with relationships we maintain. As from the movie we have seen that he is an introvert person as it was described by his close once. He hasn’t that much friends for sharing things or chilling as like he prefers not to share things with anybody. As he was kind of reserved person we can say that he scores low on extraversion.

Agreeableness: Agreeableness personality that describes someone as cooperative, good-natured and trusting. His best friend Eduardo Saverin (CFO of FB), share some ideas with Mark Zuckerberg but he refuses him by raising some issues as Mr. Saverin told him that Sean Parker wasn't a part of Facebook but the mark was not agreeing to lose him as Sean was establishing some appointments (with investors) for mark. So we can say that mark scores low on agreeableness.

Conscientiousness: Conscientiousness personality describes a person who is dependable, responsible and organized. Mark believes that what he is today is because he was adaptable. He listens to the reviews of his users and acts accordingly. He made a lot of changes in Facebook based on the experience of the users and their feedback. A lot of innovation happened on Facebook because of the interaction and feedbacks of the users. And not only innovations were there his adaptability to situations has helped him in various other places as well. When he faced privacy allegations and faced criticism regarding the privacy of the users, he gave into public views and gave users more controls over the things they post, giving them control over their privacy. He learned that user experience mattered a lot and while making his decisions he adapted to include user experience as well. So mark scores high in this.

Emotional stability: This personality is describing someone who is self-confident, secure or depressed, insecure. As Mark was depressed as his relationship was broken when he started his work (Coding) establishing FB as self-confident about what he was doing. So we can say here that he scores low first but managed to overcome high scores in this emotional stability.

Openness to experiences: This personality dimension that characterizes someone in terms of imagination, sensitivity, and curiosity. As mark was working so hard on coding and upgrading the sections in FB, it wasn’t measurable for him how vastly it will be accepted in the social networking system. So he was curious about what it leads or what would be the destination it could reach and he was sharing this feeling about it by blogging with the users. So Mark scores high in here.

Major Personality Attributes

Type “A” Personality: People who are Unique, competitive, active and always seem to struggle to achieve more and more are A-personality type people. Mark was a very hard working person, never give up in any situation and struggled a lot. He was always desired to achieve his goal to be a success in his life with FB. From the movie we have seen that when he was kicked out from school for 6months, he never gives up and started working on coding which proved that obstacles couldn’t stop his goal.

Core self-evaluation: CSEs are bottom-line conclusions individuals have about their capabilities, competence, and worth as a person. When Mark had success in FACEMASH he started to think something big and working on it (FBs) to run things of his ideas.

Self-monitoring: Self-monitoring describes an individual's ability to adjust behavior to external, situational factors. When Mark was called up by the authoritative body meeting then he told them he says sorry to those what he was being accused of and he asks for some recognition as for any charges stemming from the breach of security.

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