"The best offer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Lacquered melts: delightful, velvety, like a peach, peel, the skin is a good little god, everywhere with a bang burst under my eyes, gaping cracks and
Jean-Paul Sartre
Virgil Oldman is eccentric auctioneer pritorgovyvaya art in the spirit of Vitsin - the incident, they say, do not skimp, buy the painting. He reads the world like a novel, radical dyes his hair chestnut, and even on his birthday celebrating in dead alone, indifferently looking for something in the camera lens. And, probably, and I went, and every day the hero would be possible to describe the good old formula: "Nothing new there." But here is our Virgil meets a beautiful stranger, and this meeting reveals to him the gloomy forest of passion, wasted the gift of his monotonous life. Sweet N suffers from agoraphobia, charming Oldman feminine cantankerous character, dwarf-autistic murmurs of God stands Deus ex machina, the duties of which performs a forgotten ghost of Jacques Vaucanson, a light at the end of the tunnel for review will be a white-toothed smile of Satan - leave hope, Mr. Oldman, is hell, and here you will live.
Big style reigns, flawless direction cools the explosive mixture of genre frosty freshness, as expressed in a peaceful predominance of static plans cleverly staged moderation diluted ome amount unobtrusive dolly-shot. Lacking in the "best deal" and marvelous detail, this nutrient cherries, without which no cost, no self-respecting cake - hair protagonist evolves, clearly showing us the depth of his fall in the suicidal whirlpool of emotions, zaperchatochny stash of women's portraits performs guns role on the wall, a humanoid mechanism funeral service life of a hapless Romeo megillah. And so in all - clean up the archaic speaking characters interwoven with a wonderful soundtrack quite cosmic sound backgrounds beautiful union is a dusty old interiors. In short, in terms of form no questions - Marble done conscientiously
problem is different.. In fact, such as Tornatore enjoys the agony of his hero, beating the viewer with a baseball bat twist followed by a postscript. In fact, it is very reminiscent of the episode «What Just Happened», where the director nutty dog ​​kills the protagonist in order to achieve a more cinematic expression. Do not get me wrong, cinematic expression is important, but why break chairs? Why devour their own children in the manner of Joyce Irish pig? Why rhizome to cultivate in the barren wilderness, through which not germinate anything ever? Why film that probably would have written about zhizniShopengauer, if he is not a sad old man, full of regret and unpleasant and arrogant sadist, spitting in mocking readers misanthropy of the infamous property?
Take at least an all-consuming love, thus provided here best offer, auction results bargaining with fate - it is like a painting or a sculpture, it is not difficult to forge. And the collapse of another grand narrative is accompanied not by a moment of silence (at least from the relevant basic respect to the advanced age of the deceased and to ritual ceremonial removal of the body), but loud with joy, fireworks crackling fires and jumping over the fire. In the end, this story of a black cat in a dark happiness of being the room turns into a comic parade of chimeras, and the ideology of the film under review comes down to part-time discussion with the song Andrew Lysikova, in which he argued that it is better to die so, than anyone ever loving. Claiming half-full glass half empty, Tornatore concludes experience high feelings, with unnecessary junk, last refuge, which has carrion
And really -. Night train from St. Petersburg to Moscow does not carry because in their windows encountered along the way reflections of large and small fires all these neon signs and lights dim, his glass only for an instant flash light and immediately leave off. In this our whole life, a brief flash in the infinite ocean of darkness. It has long been known - life has no meaning, and the ego has no purpose. It is also known that this statement is true only when we consider life as a ding an sich, in any other case, any act of free and conscious choice gives life a third dimension of meaning and purpose. Not here - the choice of only thickens the ice existential vacuum fuss. And humanism, anarchism already digested with Manichaeism, expectorant meaningful local hopelessness, and Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde, and then takes the shape of the scandal.
The irony of this story is that the author's metamorphosis overturn is not a scenario, but created by the grandfather Giuseppe world - local array fails, the coordinate system is inverted fur inside, and the only person in this world is limited capacity for human feeling character Geoffrey Rush, a psychopath with dissocial personality disorder is the director. Since the last utopia burned at the stake of black hopelessness, indicating a measure of intellectual nullity ideological pessimism. So the theater is closed, and we were sick. So the author spikes all windows gilotiniruya love story sardonic epitaph on the death of Robespierre. Well, Abyssus, as you know, abyssum invocat - in these circumstances, I allow myself to speak directly, sharply and clearly
not grieve over Tornatore, a passerby.. I do not need this.

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