"The best offer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Who is this powerful old man, causing an unconditional respect for his stiff manners? Maybe he was a famous artist, a realist: Brush genius maestro paints, canvas, or the master of the celebrated composer, a provider of feasting hearing and spirit of high society to the public? No, Virgil Oldman - a great auctioneer. A man whose attention crave powerful of this world, who believe, as himself. Where others see only a charred piece of wood, he sees - the art. What you seem to bed, he classifies as mobel decorated with caryatids and anthropomorphic figures. And if you hid a fake, then Mr. Oldman will be used and it among evergreens and masterpieces. After all, for the magician, nothing is impossible, and the auction there is always someone who will make the best deal.
Where would today was art, if not professional evaluators? Who else is able to explain the available Bohemia, why's this daub, apparently depicting the explosion at the paint factory, you need to buy for millions, and the cute natyurmortik landscape with bears are not worth a penny. And all so obvious - still life and landscape with an excessive number of bears painted on amateurs. It can for food, maybe just bored, but not in their work divine spark inherent in any more or less talented artist from birth. If we talk about high art, the living envy the dead just right, everything is the same as in the rock 'n' roll. Dead artist do not write more, and then each of his work will automatically become a rarity
Such is Virgil fascinating profession -. To know other people's biographies, reselling this knowledge afterwards with the greatest benefit. However, not enough to have the information, otherwise any fool, having read at leisure Wikipedia could vparivat Monet and Malevich unsuspecting patrons. Here a little assertiveness, need more style, charm and charisma. It's hard not to notice that it is, in general, a gentlemen's set-rogue speculator. Oldman, of course, a misanthrope and recluse, grouch, and may in some cases even the cantankerous old man, but ... Well, to be perfectly honest, the hero of the picture is a real son of a gun. Of course, it to some extent justifies the fact that the offense is not pushed his greed, but rather a lack of composure and desire for knowledge of the greatest mysteries of the universe - women. Just accept this fact and taking the hero, as he is, somewhere in the memory still stands to tie the knot, reminiscent of the immoral and illegal actions just Oldman. Maybe then the ending does not seem like so bitter.
idea to make a fraud on the contrary is not so new, it's worth remembering though Fincherovskuyu "Game." Although often the viewer is on the other side of the barricades, at the same time with the Dodgers, illusionists and other Robinhood. And to make it easier to empathize with offenders, they paint a nice, direct and even infantile boys, the girls, justifying their actions, one way or another. Tornatore here did not invent something sverhoriginalnyh: Virgil, using official position, buys through frontman pictures for personal collections. Often the paintings owner receives false information about its real price, and even authenticity. Done all these abominations not even the love of art, and simply being alone, because interest Oldman exclusively female portraits.
green and cold evenings this picture lonely warm Virgil. Women captured in centuries, fictional and real. Great queen and commoner last boorish origin, viewed with paintings languid, relaxed look, or burn with cold indifference. Is it not worthy of sympathy and understanding of this lonely, vulnerable person, hiding behind the mask of arrogance? All the more so by Geoffrey Rush, that bloodthirsty pirate, that the royal speech therapist - how to live. The first half of the film, has been farmed out to Rush, it charged some incredible magnetism. And I promise, at least, open all the secrets of the universe, not forgetting to hypnotize the viewer mystical and alarming atmosphere.
hard to believe, but for the powerful suggestiveness façade lurks a banal melodrama. As often happens when a twist already consummated and the cards are opened, it turns out that the mysterious savoring the film, in fact much better than getting the proverbial isolation. An hour you can just enjoy the picture as the quintessence of cinema. No, say melodramatic piece of tape slack - it would be rude. It is not necessary to assess such a variety of paintings from the position klatsat mechanism that require lubrication. But when Geoffrey Rush starts to play in a big and bright love that gray hair him saying, in his beard, and a lusty, involuntarily expect that his partner could this game somehow support. At a different level than the sudden demonstration hairy genitals (paraphrase Boyle not otherwise). And it turns out that the old man lived in celibacy, Beach honor in his youth, and it cost him only to see the feminine charms in the pristine beauty as it melted severe heart. And he understood - it came to love
As a result, it is impossible to criticize even the choice of faded actors on the role of the second plan, because in front of waiting another twist, fully justify this audition.. Only the bitter feeling that spit in the soul, chasing after the finals are not easy to get rid of, even if the calculation was precisely this effect.

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