"The best offer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I looked at the other day this creation of cinema.
What can I say .... It happens that a movie like that. Well, that's just like it. Maybe he filmed something for a penny, in Hollywood, of course, the standards. And there is much to forgive him: and completely unrealistic shootings and caramel plot and excessive naivety simply because they like it. Catches.
In the case of the "best offer" the situation is exactly the reverse. Like the plot of quality, yes, slightly zashtampovannoe, but still relevant, and with the proper filling, very fit. And the cast is good. And the music is gorgeous Morricone. And the picture is excellent. And all together it turned out quite atmospheric. But, when all of the above, in any way. . Does
But, first things first
We tell about some Auctioneers -. Virgil Oldman. Very arrogant man, prim, self-confident, moreover, simply an unpleasant appearance. Oldman - a kind of a thing in itself. And, frankly, there is absolutely no desire to understand its inner intricacies. Hero is completely flat. Remember, I do not know Snape played by brilliant Rickman. Indeed, throughout the series of films you want to enter the world of professors, at least slightly open the door there. You want to understand what was the reason that the cold genius does not trust even his own shadow. Then there is no shadow of such a desire. Apparently it did not have, and the creators, t. To. Throughout the film and remains a mystery, what was the reason that Oldman is so unsociable. Perhaps this writer puncture, but it was what came out. And then just a few questions:
Firstly, where such subservience? Personal crockery in the restaurant? Yes, I understand more than the hero is not poor, but I think that among the rest, to dine there with personal accounts all right. So why all the visitors look to him like the Messiah? Let me remind you that it was an auctioneer. Not a talented doctor, not the skillful jeweler, not a brilliant publicist, etc. etc.
go further. Next we meet with a certain Claire Ibbitson. Special, frankly, bizarre. Busy business man with more than ill-tempered, which does not always find the time to even banal conversation on the phone, whose day is painted virtually in seconds, calls this the most hysterical Claire. Flowing around tearful requests, begs her to do the assessment of the inheritance. Our auctioneer creaking agrees. There are walks around the door for two hours and leaving with nothing. This is followed by a new hysterical on the phone with a completely unimaginable excuses and new ride since the entry into that same door, but the hostess does not appear again, giving out phone again some stories. Then, for further communication girl hiding behind a mysterious disease, and speaking only through an iron door, ustaivayte numerous tantrums, screaming, accusations, insults and such other. Attention to the question: how soon is not only a busy person with a nasty character who value their time and simply, any sensible tired of this cocktail of performance and a hassle? But our Virgil no fool, a flint. He gives absolutely unimaginable - he falls in love with Claire. It does not bother nor the unstable psyche of women, nor the fact that he had never seen her face, nor the fact that it is good to him in his granddaughter. . Here, they say, no comments
passing, the third question: the fear of open spaces, agoraphobia or behind which hides Claire, is not equal to "fear of people and everything that moves ..." Script did not know? Consultants to help him ...
further more. Claire responds to feelings fading auctioneer reciprocate. Here the question of the fourth. For what reason? Discarding all romantic tinsel around the relationship between two people, we find that love can be either in the body (appearance, beautiful shell) or soul (filling of the shell itself). Well, then, that our fading auctioneer is not Apollo, this is understandable. It is hoped that, in spite of all arrogance and pride rolls over, criticism in this matter he is still there ... Well, in the mirror-it looks. The first eliminated. It remains the soul. But it, too, I have not noticed ... He showed that love art, it is devoid of any poetics, judging by his lifestyle, he is deprived of all of any of the senses. He only collector craftsman, not more, to the same scam. He is absolutely no different from those chasing rare pictures of grandmothers in diamonds, which he consults, he was only armed with more knowledge about the subject. And his habit to spend hours in the room behind the seven locks hung with portraits of women of different epoh- hobby. Well, anyone that ... Some cross stitch, someone intently peering into portraits. And whether Oldman most anxious and sensitive man in the world, when he managed to show these qualities? In the few ten-minute meetings? Consequently, the soul, too, disappears. What remains? I'm afraid that nothing ... But our hero is once again amazing the logic. Do not come together for a lifetime with any person who has lived enough time in the world and hopefully gaining some experience, he did not doubt the sincerity of the feelings of the girls, which, I remind you, his junior by two and a half times which it does not bind anything. . In addition to three ten-minute conversation through the door, two dinners, and, perhaps, somewhat similar psychopathologies
debate can be long, but I will not bore you
I will say a few words about the actors:. Played solidly, not overplaying, and on I think not nedoigryvaya. I especially want to note Hooks in the final scene. To this should be very strongly to get used to the role.
Here, a few words about these notorious final scenes. What for? What was the need for this? It's as simple as beyond good and evil, and beyond good and bad (taste).
I will not give advice ... Smotret- not look as you will ... In my heart of this work, in addition to slightly bewildered, leaving nothing .

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