"The best offer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film 'best offer' opens with a scene evaluation of works of art. This is the first introduction to the world of the protagonist - Virgil (Geoffrey Rush) - casting a shrewd eye surrounding antiquity, he instantly called the price of an object
Everything seems in his mind is the cost.. And, as they say cynics, all sold and bought all
his position Virgil elevated to the status of the profession -. He auctioneer - a collector. Works of art, he is accustomed to evaluate not sensuous, but mercantile level. And, it seems, had forgotten an important truth of life - there are things that it is impossible to hold, do not even try. But more about that later, but now Virgil seeks to get to your personal collection of favorite special exhibits. And he does it, it must be said, by cunning. But if the world - it is a big market, so who is more prytok - the king and
Measured life of Virgil furnished with taste - everywhere it is surrounded by beauty:. Different picture, nice restaurants, expensive decorations. Inanimate objects filled his life better than living people. And the people he communicates mostly forced. There is truth in his faithful friend - not realize the artist, Billy (Donald Sutherland)
Many years ago, Virgil issued another disappointing verdict -. The ability to keep in the hands of the brush does not make you an artist
artist Billy took the slap stoically. and it seems to agree with the point of view of a comrade. They now have a couple of shadow method of taking possession of the priceless paintings stored in the secret room Virgil. Chance to get into the room (and in the very life of Virgil) other people is not great, but that it does not afflict
One day, the day of one's birth, Virgil receives a strange call -. On the other end of a woman's voice confused and excitedly explains, that she had in the property left by parents inherited a house full of miracles. That is, any expensive items - from all of the same paintings to sculptures and furniture. Virgil reluctantly agrees to see. And now look, it will keep, but only the main long to make out.
girl named Claire suffers from agoraphobia, that is (well, how on earth could match up), as well as Virgil, does not like to leave the house, and also the society of their own kind . The only difference is that the shareholder is likely mannerisms, and the young lady seems to be diagnosed. Virgil intrigued - for years in contact with the centuries-old beauty, it is difficult to surprise beautiful, but intriguing mystery - as two fingers on the asphalt
Thus, Claire intends to sell the old values, but at the same time steals the heart of Virgil.. Gradually develop into a business relationship romantic. Each character makes his 10 steps forward and soon they approach. Virgil says - what it is - to be with another person. Claire leaves his hiding place and boldly out into the world.
seems ripe romantic happy ending. But only a talented Italian Tornatore ate is not what a dog and an elephant on the whole story with a very heavy internal drama. In his film, he likes to explore the boundaries of human intimacy, trust and ability to isolate the real beauty of the views of her
hero Virgil says Claire once for dinner:.. "In any forgery is always hidden something genuine" And then he explains that copying the work of another person, the artist can not resist the temptation to make something of themselves. Often it is a trifle. A minor detail. Casual, seemingly, brush stroke, in which the copyist inevitably gives himself and discovers its own, and has, of course, true feelings
This is a very important detail -. The key to understanding the film. Tornatore considers love - as an opportunity not only salvation, but also the way the other person's knowledge
love, we often see the desired image, dorisovyvaya it on their own.. We attribute human traits do not exist, hoping that the image comes to life, and meet our expectations.
Even more rarely we learn of his love of another person and trying to find the secret door, which kept the beauty of the heart (a beautiful symbol with a secret room Virgil).
To know another person - is not easy. It is like a magic art, a sacrament.
For example, what is hidden in the 'portrait of young girl' Petrus Christus, who Virgil is among the piles of furniture at the beginning of the film in the house of their clients?
than a full heart of the naked girl with a picture of Adolf Bouguereau's "Wave" in which a young beauty sitting in a half-turn to us, and behind her is splashing turbulent sea? whether it is open to this disaster? ? Is it in front of her helpless
In another scene Virgil deliver another huge canvas paintings Bouguereau - "Birth of Venus". Naked, it arises out of the shell, like a pearl, and its shape is selected from the rest of the characters. But cloudy sky above it - the beauty is always fraught with danger. Beware, Virgil, this sea is restless, and feeling so new to you, that is able to cover the head
But it is the courage to love, courage in the knowledge of the way to the heart of the other person -. This is a work of art
Te. paint, which you draw a picture of his own life, and the confidence with which you hold in your hands a brush - all this becomes a legacy of your own life and the life of this
not put up for sale, hoping to get the best deal for her
.. but there is in the film a strange detail - reveals the secret history is cher ithout beauty, and its distorted form - character personal injury Vordzhelu reveal a terrible secret, crept into his life. Tornatore recalled that external beauty dazzles us, and the truth can be ugly. Why does not cease to be true.
And the world can attract not only the beauty, he keeps a variety that can not be cut off as unnecessary. The painting is finished, only when the canvas there was not a single empty seat
addition to artistic genius director Tornatore, the film is present another unrivaled talent -. Sound genius -.
Ennio Morricone music here should be everywhere for the hero, sends it and suggests a barely audible whisper
Special decoration film -. masterly acting job Geoffrey Rush, and painted a portrait of their hero's single, in whose life gets a fake, but that it awakens in him now
These gears finally aligned., fur Lowland revived
After great pain, but because if it hurts, it means -. living. And it is the best deal, Virgil, of all that you've ever received in my life - a broken heart wakes
Lot 'revived heart. "? Sold out to the man wearing gloves!

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