The best 10 foods for weight loss Essay

There are some foods that can be consumed in abundance and as a result of your nutritional quality, body weight will decrease. As well as you'll always be fresh. In this article, we talk about The best 10 foods for weight loss.


If you want breakfast in the morning can be a fancy food popcorn or popcorn Scientists at the Rip up Lifestyle Institute in Florida say that it reduces fiber height and fat in your body. Besides, plain popcorn is an ideal food, which you can eat plenty of instead of fat potato chips.


This pulse helps to reduce fullness and weight loss. According to scientists from Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, it is a good source of chicken fiber and protein. They prefer this food to everyone, especially for vegetarians.

Brown Rice

Dunkin rice or brown rice are made from boiled rice. A South Korean study showed that Brown Rice helped reduce caloric intake compared to other foods. Women who eat at least one brown rice instead of white rice every day, most of their body weight decreases compared to others.


On the basis of the medical experts, 30 grams of quinoo fiber a day can help you lose weight. Some of its grains are enough to reduce the body's five grams of fiber calories.

Mashkalai and rye bread

Want a simple, nice, healthy breakfast to wake up in the morning? Swedish scientists say that mushkalai and rye bread helps people eat less. It stays in the stomach and blooms in the stomach. As a result, after breakfast, you can stay calm for about three in the afternoon.

Wheat pasta

After a long day, a bowl pasta is very easy to make dinner than any other meal. You just have to choose the whole wheat pasta. Researchers at Copenhagen University have shown that overweight women, who eat wheat pasta for calorie control, have been more successful than diet control women overnight. Besides, there is a very low GI in wheat pasta, which will keep you happy for a long time.

Raw green peas

Semi-cup green peas can include curry, salad or afternoon snack. Because the Dutch researchers say that the amount of zinc in semi-green green pot is equal to 12 whole foods. It reduces appetite on your body by increasing leptin levels and refreshes the body's other hormones.


A recent study by the Lund University of Sweden found that Barley's special type of fiber is quite useful in reducing excess weight in the body. Besides, Barley's delicious soup will keep you free from the risk of diabetes.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can give you a full meal feeling. Experts from Oregon State University of America say that manganese, carbons, and enzymes of this vegetable help reduce body cholesterol.

Oat match

A study in the United States states that this meal helps to increase full feelings. Nutritionist Bonnie Redman said, "A big resource for the lasting energy of oats fiber, protein and phenotypes". A small grocery store, a department store, and a superstore, along with almost all the stores near your hand you will get this meal.

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