The Benefits Of Using The Internet Essay

Internet is now all over the globe, It provides great platform for sharing ideas, for communications, for educational purposes, for business, office work, online work, research work, for checking weather , reading news, watching sports games online, playi9ng games on server etc. . All these benefits provided by the internet all over the world because internet is an open source. The service provided by the internet and became such a strong tool for making changes to the world in a good way.When internet covers the entire globe to serve its benefits, there are some questions will raised such that by whim internet is managed, who manages the internet and many more. In simple terms internet can be defined as the collection of networks which is spreading all over the globe. Internet has so many users all over the globe. These users can be the customers who are purchasing from internet or users can be creators of some websites or blogs or some applications. Internet allows user to communicate via voice calls and by doing video calls.Internet also helps the government for delivering the services to their people which are provided by them.

Also allows you to pay taxes and allows you to know their government and news of their government by sitting in another country or by sitting in any corner of the world.Internet had played major role inexpland9ong business industries all over the world. It allows their customers to know about their latest product and can attract customers toward their products by gi9ving them special offer and discounts. It also allows students to learn courses online from different universities and allows them to communicate with their professor online.Since internet is expanding and giving benefits into each and every field, it may be difficult to manage the internet all over the globe as everyone is accessing and using internet-due to that, sometimes traffic or interruption is generated. That is because of so many people are trying to accessing same website or link at same time.

For example, the university website works slowly on the day it announces the result, at that time everyone is trying to open same link so due to traffic, it affects the internet speed, and speed of the internet became slow.So, the question about how to manage and govern the internet may become question to the world government, answer to this question would be so many and that might be possible solutions or way to manage and to govern internet all over the world.

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