The Benefits Of College Courses Essay

For those people the college course can help them discover an interest in something outside their major or career, which they can further engage in or even further their knowledge in subjects that already interest them but has nothing to do with their career, like a course on health and nutrition or sustainability etc. In taking these different courses, that are of interest to them, student can further their knowledge and personal life without the fear of the fadeout effect because if it something that interests them they are likely to continue to use the knowledge they learned in their personal life. College education helps in the personal development of student which allows them to make healthier life choices, learn valuable life lesson, discover new passions and discover new things about themself.

College is a very diverse place where people can improve their social skills and learn to navigate in a diverse society. For many people they are typically surrounded by other people like them whether its related to their race, social status, or the school they attend, since in most neighborhoods people tend to be of the same social level and attend the same school. There are even some neighborhoods where the majority of the people are of similar ethnicity, since similar people tend to flock together. So for many people when they attend College they become exposed to the real world where our society is very diverse. Although people can become exposed to this in the work environment it’s better to learn it before entering the workplace where making a mistake might bring more consequences and even get you fired. The college environment is also a great place to build connections and make friendships with people within the same field/major as well as people from different fields. It good to know people from all kinds of different majors because you never know what you might need in the future or what you can learn from them.

In College we have so many opportunities to meet new people in our classes, where there are always new faces especially in GE courses, during group assignments, in clubs, events, on campus etc. Even though there are plenty of others places where we could meet people I don’t think we’d get the same variety, quantity and as many opportunities as we do in college where we build these friendships and connections before joining the workforce.

Besides increasing our personal knowledge and creating opportunities for us to socialize with different people, college education helps further the knowledge obtained from previous years of school since the expectations are higher and our minds are constantly engaged and working. In most of the required courses in college students constantly have to read, research, write essay, do presentations etc., so they improve their writing skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and learn to time manage among other things. Perhaps without college their might be a different type of place where people can take different course to learn new things, discover new interests, further their personal knowledge and meet new people but it wouldn’t be the same. Not everyone that’s forced to take these courses in college now would take them since there aren’t obliged, so maybe college is the best option now.

Although an alternative could be to learn some of the important college subjects in high school and lessen the courses needed in college then have a type of mixture between vocational school, to learn our job skills, and college, to develop a new interest, further our personal knowledge and meet new people. I don’t know how practical or useful this alternative might be or if it can even be done, as it might not be as effective in all the things mentioned, and it might bring new challenges I haven’t thought of or not be helpful at all.

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