"The Belarusian Railway Station" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For a long time I could not understand why this film is required to be shown on the eve of our calendar of memorable dates - Victory Day (May 9), or to a lesser extent Memorial Day and sorrow (22 June). In this regard, especially earlier in the absence of the possibility to download anything at any time, I loved those days. When all channels have shown our great military belt, "go to fight some old people" (b / w version, of course), "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", "Ballad of a Soldier", "They Fought for Their Motherland", "Aty-Baty, soldiers were going ... "and so on, the list can be long. Indeed, in the "Belarusian railway station" The war, as such, war cruel and merciless, with the heroic exploits attacks and ordinary soldiers, not shown, and the film takes place in many years after its completion ...
Probably my generation - living in peace - I am not aware of, and I hope that they never realize what war can leave an imprint in a person's life, which has passed through it. I am convinced that none of the witnesses' memories, no stories and novels of writers-veterans, no movies (even based on real events or preserved military chronicle) will not this REALLY communicate. It's like trying to explain how a man who himself never tried to examples of such exotic fruits like kiwi, taste it. Comparison, of course, very stupid, but it seems to me more or less accurate. No, the film by Andrei Smirnov, the most that neither is about the war. By the way, for the time being, I'm just not interested in who made this film. It was only after watching some film with Smirnov as an actor (most likely it was a teacher, "His Wife's Diary"), I was told that he was in fact the director. Including the "Station". I do not believe it, but got into the Internet and learned that it is so. Stop! "The Belarusian Railway Station" dates from the year 1970. Andrey Smirnov was born in 1941. It turns out that at the beginning of filming the director was about 27-28. Frankly, it still does not fit into my head: how could a man at such a young age to remove a very thin film
On the plot of the film is meaningless to talk.. I think it looked all or almost all. The fact that almost all the actors who played in it: Leonov, Glazyrin Safonov, Urgant very finely and deeply played their characters, a war themselves without going too well known. Except Anatoly Papanova. He was seriously wounded and nearly lost his leg. But I would not write about it. Friendship of four fellow soldiers "Tenth Battalion" is the most sincere admiration. Trials of the war and the time she has stood as a sustained and continues to stand the test of the viewer's film Andrei Smirnov. And this is the main point. At least I want to believe in it.
RS My favorite scene, "the Belarusian Railway Station", and perhaps in all of our cinema is one in which the hero Papanova hit in the face with the driver, who can not understand why he has to help take the injured guy to the hospital. I do not know why, but at that moment, I feel some kind of enormous pride in all of our older generation.

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