"The Belarusian Railway Station" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It seems to me that in this film the director of a plot took the theme of friendship. This is the story of comrades, which for the first time after 20 years of separation, brings together the fate of the funeral of front-line friend. This picture is about friendship, about loyalty to the present, that does not go over the years. I think the director was counting on the fact that the viewer is looking its history, ponder over the fact that he did not forget his old friends, who in some years of his life took place in their heart.
I would divide the movie in 2 parts :
1. Friends name only remember that they are friends, but actually each a hurry about their business.
2. Friends recall that they are real friends, and their friendship is growing even more.
culmination, in my opinion, is a song that expressed the apotheosis of friendship heroes, wartime memories and the bitterness of the loss of a colleague Matveeva.
Actually I should say that the film is not rich content of sounds surrounding the dialogues, but in some episodes still have been interesting to see
scene in the car -. have used sound effects. The driver pulls the steering wheel sharply toward the curb at a time when we hear a car zipping by frame.
scene in the restaurant. Out musicians begin to play, but we hear them as if they are somewhere very far away. at this point the director exposes not the first semantic information plan that died Matveev. But then the music is still coming to the fore and sounds bright and large.
Very unusual sounds that when Ivan comes home, the street sounds are cut off, not when he climbs the stairs back home, and when closing the front door in an apartment.
When Vanya time off from his wife on a visit, that makes it great in human terms. It looks very natural and believable. He said only one sentence: "What? Ruined your life, right? "Then his wife melts.
When friends came to her friend Rae and she asked why Valya did not return, then all backgrounds chop off. TFA camera drove to Paradise, and we heard a few seconds of complete silence. It looked like a moment of silence
most emotionally stressful place, in my opinion, -. It is a song about the 10 battalion. And despite the fact that we see the hoax (song planted on the lips, that is the soundtrack recorded separately), still we take these "rules" for granted. I think this contributes to the emotional state of the characters, their tears and penetrates the soul singer's voice. "The Passion" is heating up even from the fact that in the song gradually, starting with the second verse, the pace is accelerating.
very symbolic appeared at the end of a military chronicle of the soldiers after the victory back home to their wives, relatives and friends. And all this is happening again to the music of a song about the "Tenth our commando battalion." The interesting thing is that with the advent of the music turns Rai's daughter, but then she goes to sleep tight and sweet, but the four friends on the contrary at the end of her wake.
In my opinion, the dramatic situation solved. But at first the movie seems a little lengthy.
8 out of 10

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