"The Belarusian Railway Station" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Song from this movie everybody knows.
About the movie itself heard most.
watched and remembered what he very few people. This "Belorussky Railway Station».
This is one of the most amazing films about the war, where there is no fire, the front of the Germans. And even that time has not passed from the war a quarter century. Here the war appears to us not confrontation Hitler and Stalin, the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, it appears to us and revealed to us in those who did win - in the army
protagonists - four wartime comrades, the four friends:. Ivan, Victor, Nikolai and Alexei. Even their names speak for themselves: Vanya - a simple, everyday peasant like about him say "one word - Vanya!", A quiet and unobtrusive. intelligence commander. Victor - the "winner", direct and tough boss. The commander of the sapper company. Nicholas - the nickname "Dubinushka" stubborn and silent. Radio operator. Alex - "protector" contemplative. Miner bomber.
Four friends meet at the funeral of the fifth. They were not going together almost a quarter of a century, from the end of the war. The plot of this draws us into the life of the three of them, dip in their everyday lives, giving them the opportunity to show themselves, to reveal.
They are all very different. Victor - Head of Glaucus. He is the only "general, only civil" among them. And it played brilliantly: the commander's voice, manner of speech (he interrupts, without hearing, all - by subordinates to their friends), mettle. He's bossy and always knows what to do.
In contrast, the quiet accountant, radio operator, Nikolai. She never cries, quiet and calm in appearance, inside he is in constant struggle with each other and in a state of self-awareness. Here on the one hand it is yes, the bureaucrat, but on the other, he is right and we can not agree with him, you can just start outdated instructions, two, and then-what.? That Nicholas is like the conductor of that experience all four, he verbalizes that all kind of afraid to admit the goods peacetime responsibility is much more difficult than the war. Then it was really good: the top thought for you to tell, then you're doing. And then what to do? Hard to be their own master, how to regain the lost moral compass at the front?
Many years have passed, their exploits scored reality, a peaceful life, which proved to be more difficult than the war. However, they all share a certain inner rod by which they do their work. They are united by a belief in something for which they fought, the belief that from them, on the individual, something depends, where and by whom you may be: a writer, chief of Glaucus, plumber or an accountant
Alex plays. the role of the beholder, as a person who came from other places, as well as a liaison between them and the next generation, because he is a writer. His image, youthful, with a dashing zachosom, a high forehead and a proud look more often associated with youth, and he is the only one who looks at the youth, as if trying to figure out how to convey here is that, young and carefree, that they know veterans. But there is something else - it is the conscience of these four people. After all, he does not allow them to break up the company, and to untwist the flywheel script draws them, that's already been dispersed to their homes, in the vicissitudes through which their characters, their friendship blossoms, as if being born again here. And everything is going on as it was then: first, exploration, Vanya, act, walk forward it engineers under the guidance of his selfless and fearless commander, Victor, helps wireless operators, Nicholas, are connected as required miners. Now they are once again a single entity and it does seem that there "at the front: the enemy here, near their and our cause is just!»
Again Vanya will do what it sees fit, and without anyone's permission, will drag them to. co-worker, for which he will get it in the neck. Again Nicholas feels young, free and entitled to drop the mask of humility and "muzzle break the bastards some" and lead to the cry of "Follow me!" Behind him his comrades. Again, he will gather to sing their song, about "the tenth waterproof battalion", a song that knows the whole country.
they handle, they have gone through and so on. Just something happened that has not already been 25 years - they have lost a friend, comrade ... And they need to express themselves, to be remembered, not their specific, not by name, but remembered their business, for the sake of what they fought in the war and not betrayed in peacetime. As the orchestra awakened nearly covered his eyes with their daughter odnopolchanki they awaken all the younger generation, to give them what they are in the heart. And it is not grief, not fear and horror of war (which symbolizes the song performed Nina Urgant), and the joy of victory and loyalty to himself and his country (the arrival of the soldiers-winners at the Belorussky Railway Station under the same seemingly melody, but now in a very other sound). No wonder the film begins in the cemetery, and ends with a young girl, sweetly sleeping in his bed. This is the way of death and old age to youth and strength, and while it can be done, all the soldiers of the Great War may know - their deed committed knowingly
10 of 10.

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