The beauty of the suzuki cappuccino Essay

The sportccar was first manufactured in Japan in 1987. This was mainly for the citizens of Japan . The car was made on the line of a sleek sports car and was a two seater meant for two. A gentleman's dream in gleaming red. The sports car or Cappuccino is not cheap but for those who can afford it , it is economically affordable. It is sleek and smart , and the car is definitely for the person on the go. Although the three cylinder engine in front is small it has more performance than one could ever imagine. It is also very reliable as long as it is well kept and maintained properly. The two seater though small has plenty of seating space for two. The hood on top of the car can be left open or closed during the hot and humid days or on fun days of travel and closed during bad weather or rain. Model history Inauguration of this vehicles was in Japan in 1991. Sales in England was in the year of 1993. Price was about 11",995£. Changes to this vehicle took place in 1995 which modification included a lighter chain driven engine increased torque, lighter alloys , and an optional automatic gearbox. In 1999 production for the cappuccino ended. This is a small sports car with 2 doors and two seats. It has a detachable hardtop hood. The car was produced by Suszuki Mazda Corporation. It was designed to meet the standards of the Kei car specifications to lower tax and insurance in Japan. It weighs about 725 kilograms (1",598) pounds. It is powered by a turbo charger 3 cylinder a 657cc DoHC engine. The dimensions being 3",295 mms (129.7 inch) long and 1",395mm (54.9 ") wide. The modified version of this vehicle The necessary modifications and changes took place in 1995 for emission controls which were set by the European commission whereby unsold vehicles had to be registered by 1995. Hence by 1995 the cappuccino had a new and lighter engine with chain driven camshaft increased torque lighter wheels and a 3 speed auto transmission with power steering. And the best news was that it came with a airbag for the driver. And power steering. Buying guide - Engine swap The ups and downs in buying this vehicle. The good news is that this vehicle is small and compact weighing about 679-725 kilograms of hard metel.And it is a beautiful sports car. The length about 10 x 10" and width is about 4 x 7" wide and powered by a turbocharger 657cc engine . The speed limits of this sports car is about 82mph. Hood is made off two folding canvas with two hard top panels overhead. The bad news is: when purchasing this type of sport car is try getting one with waxoyled which is a rust proofing fluid used to prolong the life of the car chassis in not getting rustified or corroded. Always check near the number plate as this area is prone easily prone to corrosion. The roof panels and boot lid are delicate. So the interior is susceptible to getting wet and corroded with time . Also it is a good idea to check for turbo smoke. After a certain millage remember that the cambelt needs to be replaced. Replacing parts for this car very expensive. Checking the rubber sealing at the Windows for frayed rubber and replacing them from time to time is good as this will prevent water sepage inside. The car is a good model car but it is not much rust proof. Although it comes with an anti corrosion warranty. The floorpans sils and wheel arches tend to rust . There can be corrosion in the engine bay as well. Looking into these will be beneficial. The slightest knock to the vehicle can dent it. Replacing of the hood can be quite expensive. The Suszuki Cappuccino Vs. The Miata Looking at this marvellous sports car makes you think of the model toy cars ( Hot wheels) which was invented by Elliot Handler for playing by children and became hugely popular both by children and became a collectors item for adults, and which is exactly what the Suzuki Cappuccino looks like, but in a better and more powerful way. So though this sports car looks like a tiny model toy Hot wheels - it is far from it and is powerful smart and sleek and a handsome sports car in gorgeous red and a very stylish sporty innovation. On the other hand the Miata is like it's twin brother to the suszuki cappuccino. It looks and feels the same sleek beauty as the cappuccIno. Miata has also won many awards and made it to the Car and Driver magazine. The Motor sports magazine also named Miata as the most important sports car ever built since the past 25 years. It is a highly popular vehicle for amateur racing competitions. To own and drive away in one of these beauties is one's ultimate dream.and goal. Small yet compact, this dream car is packed with full power to take you down the long winding ruggered roads of driving fantasy in flashing red is ones new dream machine.

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