"The Avengers: Infinity War (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Then came the day that millions of viewers have been waiting for the past few years. In rolling out the first part of the movie "The Avengers: Infinity War.", Concluding the so-called third phase of development of the cinematic universe, "the Marvel", has evolved over the last ten years
I think that few people have doubts about the quality of submitted fans . ready to tear the slightest mistake, the spectacle
But as it turned out spectacular, and we'll talk more
From the outset, I want to say that! "The Avengers: infinity War" - the film is not for everyone. As I expected, and even repeatedly noted in their own reviews on the «Marvel» movies, complicating the plot, including a dozen characters, it led to the fact that people, for whatever reason, missed the previous films, can not understand separate story arc. Even in the session, which was attended by me, there are people who, after viewing share opinions with each other, which reduces to the fact that the film - garbage and nothing is clear. So I wanted to ask: "Are you Dick then came? What did you expect "
" Avengers:. Infinity War "- the main film kinovselennoy" the Marvel ", the apogee of the industry created around the comic book, the result of a ten-year history, which began with the first" Iron Man ". It would be foolish to expect that writers, ready to shoot not try to assemble into a single ball of the history of all the characters, delight us with their adventures over the years.
And that's why there is no history of what is happening on the screen, there are no flashbacks or introductory arches. From the very first frame of the audience are immersed in a new history, which is closely linked with the previous films. But about the story we will talk more separately.
confess that I do not see much sense to talk about each character separately. If you watched the previous films in the course of the events, and if not, then within one review it is still impossible to bring you up to speed. I note only that the characters in the past year, so to say, grown up and become a mother. Even the same Peter Parker, so longing to join the team the Avengers, realized his plight, having tasted the hardships "adult" life. But what to say, if to himself, Tony and Pepper are thinking about children.
personal growth of each character is noticeable, and the more they do not just impersonal "toys", but real people with their fears, emotions, aspirations. Unfortunately, they did not come true.
Another feature was the third Avengers villain. In my opinion, Thanos by Josh Brolin - the most vivid and memorable antihero, characterized not only by a more or less coherent story, but also a logical and intelligible motivation of their actions. Think about it. Can you remember even one villain kinovselennoy that really sunk into the soul? I doubt very much. Loki does not count, because its storyline goes through many films, culminating in the new
"The Avengers." All movies "Marvel" features quite a one-sided story, tells the story of the hero, but completely ignore the villain. In "Avengers: Infinity War" everything is different. Thanos, appearing in a scene after the credits "The Avengers" in 2012, always hangs over the whole plot kinovselennoy "Marvel" as the inevitable end, an evil that eventually will have to fight. And now the day has come
motivation of all actions is simple and causes some sympathy, because to him the purpose of his life -. Good, and for the sake of achieving all good. By the way, the relationship with Gamora indicate that Thanos -. Not a heartless killer, destroying everything in its path, and having soul of the hero, who has taken on the burden of saving the universe
After watching I was not feeling that the writers, working through Thanos, They turned their attention to the book of Dan Brown's "Inferno", as Bertrand Zobrist, who created the virus sterilization, operated on exactly the same concepts, forms and justifications. And the point of view of Zobrist, like Thanos has the right to life and, perhaps, not so bad. Only here the means to achieve their goals is extremely doubtful.
soundtrack. Here it seemed, what-what, and the new "Avengers" could surprise the music. If previous films could boast memorable soundtrack, except, perhaps, the main theme of the same "Avengers", the novelty decided to give this important aspect of special attention. Yes, in many ways it's all the same impersonal emotion, but as a properly fitted, the feeling of hopelessness and impending death excessively strengthened.
Talking about the plot, one can note the very successful combination and interrelation of the characters stories, moving from private to general. I am sure you understand that before the writers was, in practice, an impossible task - to tie into a single story with dozens of original characters, some of whom had never crossed. However, individual mini-films that make up the first half of the picture, allowed without prejudice to the generality of construction, taxied to plot the final battle scene. It was hot? Not that word. I admit that quite a while so was not worried on superhero movie, and frankly not worry about the main characters. Already her hands were sweating, but after watching the overflowing emotions that wanted to share. At least for me, this is - a good indicator, because of an empty and meaningless nondescript film and say you do not want. I admit that at the end of the movie I caught myself thinking that for a long time sitting with parted lips and did not blink, afraid to look away from what is happening on the screen.
I did not speak separately of the visual component of the picture. It would be foolish to expect that in its main film «Marvel» somehow screwed up with graphics and special effects. I even wished I had watched a movie in 3D, although not particularly love this format. Perhaps even correct this oversight. So vivid epic, full of battle action scenes worth watching on the big screen as much as possible.
To sum up, I do not want to talk some loud phrases. Yet aware that there will be a second part of the film, which will be released in May next year and, of course, the Avengers find a way to defeat Thanos and return to the life of their fellow colleagues (though not all). But, you know ... The film "The Avengers: War infinity" is so logically zaershen that would itself could be a logical ending the entire ten-year history, showing that the heroes for whom we are worried for nineteen episodes are not as all-powerful and all may come to an end .
10 of 10

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