"The Avengers: Infinity War (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Needless to say, with some anticipation I waited Infinity War. 10 years ago, in 2008, when I watched Iron Man, I could not imagine that everything will unfold, even on such a scale. It is undeniable that this case - does not have this in the history of cinema. Many years of training, a single story, a lot of characters ... 18 films later, Marvel Studio presents us his most ambitious, large-scale and epic crossover of the famous superhero team. The total collection, The Avengers. All general assembly!
The end is coming. Mighty and the mad Titan Thanos in different corners of the universe is looking for the magic Infinity Gems. If he collects all six stones that following their plans - will bring order in the universe by destroying the billions, with a click of the fingers. Quest Stones lead his Black Order to Earth. On the way there are only Thanos Avengers. However, can the heroes divided and riven by civil war, forget all grudges and unite in the face of the threat of a truly universal scale
If you think about it, to remove such movies - is a titanic work, which may result as a great success and catastrophic failure. Therefore, my fears and feelings can be understood, and I'm really glad that they did not materialize. But I can say with confidence that I did not expect ...
First and foremost you need to like the film - literate and crafted script that can bring together all the pieces of the puzzle of a large plot of 18 previous pictures, a lot of characters of different characters, balance all this with the required share of action, drama, humor, emotion and dynamics. In my opinion it was all worked out at the highest level. It is worth to say about the excellent work of writers Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely - they collect all the threads together, continuing the story of the hero, then separating them, then again reduce the team, adding new events and situations, sometimes very dramatic. Immediately tell about humor: I like that comic situation written specifically for the characters, given their way of life, personalities and behaviors in certain situations
one story and characters is not enough - here is important balance to accommodate this huge mass in one. film. Therefore directors Anthony and Joe Russo Do not hesitate and immediately sent us into the thick of events. Action is no longer accelerates - it was part of the previous Kinovselennoy. No, it is carried by leaps and bounds, we move from one event to another, from one group of characters to another. Russo Brothers skillfully combine powerful action scenes with emotional moments, as well as with humorous inserts. Special effects and battle scenes and battles - at altitude. They are good by the fact that for the most part take place in the new and unusual places where the characters have not yet visited. Of the new fantastic locations and Peculiarities Nidavelir Great Forge, as well as Titan, Thanos home ...
should be said about the soundtrack and its composer - Alan Silvestri, who worked on the first part of the Avengers. The main heroic song and its variations can not just listen to the course of action. Of the new tracks are especially good - gentle theme tune Vision, and Wanda We Both Made Promises or tragic I Feel You, intense and warlike Forge and Catch, or dark and dramatic theme enchantingly Thanos Porch
and now the main thing - the heroes. I remember back in 2012 worried about the first Avengers movie as it will with such a variety of protagonists. Now the heroes of four times as much as the experience. But here they are all taken into account - let the heroes of different screen time, it does not matter. The key is that each of the characters plays a role in the development of the plot. As a team. Though in different locations, but as a team. This is one of the main themes of the film, and any film of The Avengers - how important it is to work in a team, to cover each other in battle, trust each other, this is the key to victory
unusual combination of characters really play into the hands of the film:. Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) strives with Dr. Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ), simultaneously instructing (and chastising) protege of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man ( Tom Holland ); Guardians of the Galaxy meeting with Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ); Steve Rogers ( Chris Evans ) is sent to Wakanda and collects old friends and colleagues to give battle Thanos bloodthirsty army. Actually, I want to say about each as valuable to me all the heroes of the War of Infinity: Thor missile, which fanateyut of deadly weapons and incredibly effectively appear in the battle; the first appearance of the Guardians in their corona-style and a great song The Spinners - Rubberband Man ; Peter Quill disputes with Stark, Strange and Parker over the plans, cult films and 14 million opportunities; complex relationship Hulk ( Mark Ruffalo ) and ... Hulk; hurricane fighting combos Bucky Barnes and missiles; unreal trolling Spider-Man for Thanos; gorgeous female trio - Black Widow, Okoye and Scarlet Witch; Vision's relationship ( Paul Bettany ) and Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olsen ), which gradually became for me the most sensual in the MCU stories; Tony Stark, devoting young Parker in The Avengers; Captain America, holding hands with Gauntlet Thanos Infinity Gems, which causes confusion among titanium ... Such moments are many, they justify the title of the Avengers -. Earth's greatest heroes
Now it's time to talk about the main thing, in fact, the hero of the film - it's Thanos ( Josh Brolin ). Still I disagree with the statement that a well-developed Marvel villains were few. Thanos - just one of them, even becoming the best ... His convictions are strong, rational, logical, objective, one might even say, do not be in his plans for universal genocide. All his actions, he calculates a few steps forward and attack always right on target. But there is not only one evil - there is hidden a real tragedy in the storyline Thanos. Therefore, you should pay attention to the scene with his adopted daughter Gamora ( Zoe Saldana ) - because such is hard to imagine ... What makes Thanos villain extremely trivial, but because of his willingness to sacrifice everything to achieve their goals - really scary, crazy and ruthless.
War of Infinity, without exaggeration, is a grand, epic, exciting, dramatic, hilarious and unpredictable adventures in the world of incredible Kinovselennoy and becomes one of the best kinokomiks. He surpassed all my expectations. Because, even though I knew about kliffhanger, but this I could not imagine. In my heart a lot of emotions, especially when there was silence ... One thing I know for sure: I'll look forward to the continuation of the history of the beloved superhero team, and in a year I go to the cinema to watch the fourth part of the Avengers
10 of 10
PS Avengers - my heart is with you
P.P.S.. Assemble!

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