"The Avengers: Infinity War (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

// small spoiler presence, before the reading is worth reading with a title he deserves //
'was an idea. To gather in one unit a group of extraordinary people, so that together they become something big. And when needed, we can fight where others powerless. '
greatest heroes of the Earth for the first time united in the pages of the comic book The Avengers # 1 in September 1963. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, given the history of the people who were forced to come together to confront the insidious Norse god - Loki. The team included the Hulk, Iron Man, Wasp and Ant-Man, then Hank Pym became the Giant, Hulk went, and in the 4th edition of the Avengers found Captain America. Ingredients changing rapidly, soon the team was unrecognizable. As she entered the former villains - Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye. Avengers gradually began to gain momentum, and their adventures became more ambitious. Ultron's attack, the war Kree and Skrull Secret War. The team has become increasingly travel to space in the plot are increasingly intertwined with political intrigue alien races, and of course, not without Thanos.
Somewhere in the mid-70s he began to emerge so-called 'Cosmo-Marvel. " He was responsible for the Jim Starlin. On the shoulders of the person kept good half Marvel comic 70s, 80s and 90s. Jim came up with a large-scale, beautifully structured, incredibly beautiful universe that Marvel has expanded tenfold. While on Earth occurred some events abroad Starlin line up the whole space opera.
Many things have happened over the years, but in the end it came down to the comic strip The Thanos Quest, events which later grew into The Infinity Gauntlet. It is the idea of ​​the comic book was laid in the 19th film Kinovselennoy Marvel. The name of his he had received from the sequel to 'infinity Glove'.
Over the years, the Avengers have changed. Change the composition of teams, the characters are the characters have changed, many of them are experiencing hard times, however, when the Earth was in danger, these people, it is people who, despite everything, come together to defend those who are helpless against the enemy. 'And if it does not protect, then at least take revenge.'
So Avengers:. Infinity War (2018)
In the beginning was the Big Bang that formed the 6 stones, each of which represents the aspect of being. Whoever will have six stones, get a power comparable to that of the divine. 6 stones and one thought, marked the beginning of the Crusades. The extermination of one half of the universe for the welfare of the other. It sounds crazy, but Thanos not crazy, not at all. He has an idea and the determination to execute the idea. Taking on the role of the executioner, he went in search of 6 stones that gathered them to transform the world. The world is full of life, but not all manage to live life. Someone does not have enough resources, someone dies of natural selection. The result - a disaster. the planet's resources run out, they are dying - dying and the people who inhabit them. Thanos proposes to cut half of the population in order to allow others to live and the planet is not lost. But his idea is considered insane and immoral, and eventually - death. So fell the planet Titan - the home Thanos
To prevent further such, it makes a decision.. He becomes a messenger of justice, wreaking havoc for the sake of the world. He is looking for stones and gets to them. Little by little, leaving behind a mountain of corpses, because he was used to being considered a villain. He knows -. It's for a good cause
in this movie were invested huge expectations, hopes, a lot of money and, of course, even more power and soul. Finally, after 10 years with the presentation of the first part kinovselennoy heroes unite against the threat of a universal scale. I do not know how to describe it, but it is this spirit of tape as close to the comic book from Marvel globalkam. They reached a new level kinokomiks, thanks to the competent work of the writers and directors who honed plot structure and the film as a whole to the ideal (ideal for kinokomiksa). He's insanely addictive and epic, but quite steadily and slowly. We do not throw in the face of a ton of important information, not disorient us, showing in a movie once all franchise characters. Just the opposite. The film knows what he wants to show. He concentrates on the main villain, revealing to us his character, motivation and backstory. Worst fears were not confirmed. The villain this time is not fused!
Thanos can safely be called the best villain at the time of the CME in 2018. villain for the first time pay so much attention, demonstrating its controversial and contentious nature. As if there is a struggle. A strong sense of justice and self-sacrifice against humanity and simple love ... we observe this on the details of his facial expressions, according to him, as if desperate, said, reminiscent of human speech, tired of this life, but he knew that he was forced to endure it. He accepted the role Thanos pushed humanity to save countless lives. Such contradictions reflect the essence of the character and help him to portray realistic.
Thanos attacks on Earth and throughout the timing gathers stones one by one. Earth's greatest heroes can oppose him almost nothing. They simply were not ready for such. We are witnessing the collapse of the Avengers
tone throughout the film sets the first scene, which seemed to hint:. The joke was over. Speaking of jokes, finally the line between humor and pathos erased. Jokes do not get out of the general tone, and vice versa - complete the picture, reviving her, for example, dialogue between Tony Stark, Peter Quillen and Stephen Strange. In addition, this film really dramatic and profound. At least if you compare with the rest of the Marvel kinoshki
This tape -. One-piece and a completed picture with stunning visuals, intense and bright colors, with naiepichneyshimi to chills, action scenes, excellent directing and staging of the frame and, unexpectedly, a touching story, which tells of the sacrifice for a higher purpose. Completes this entire bouquet of ending. Stunning, erasing all that was before today, which gives unlimited scope for new ideas, terrible and wonderful at the same time, leading to a certain peace of mind.
War infinite capacity to surprise. It is necessary to look, it must be experienced. Truly a huge film in all plans. Well, I can only wait for the next part, which is, if you approach it as competently, has all chances to become the best in the history of kinokomiks.
vote of 9 points, which is why I got what waited so long. I got a comic correctly transferred to the screen in all its colors, spiced with a great soundtrack, kept in suspense and leaves you new emotions
-. All collected
-? All
-. What price
-? The price . all
Infrequently I go to the movies in the cinema, and even more rarely, I recommend spending money on them, but in this case - it's worth it. I'm surprised, pleasantly surprised. That's all.

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