"The Avengers: Infinity War (2018)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

You can not cut a man in half and then fold the top and bottom part of the body near, saying: «This is a man» This is not a man.. This chipped in half corpse . It is this analogy, in my opinion, best describes the new "Avengers". If we continue the medical metaphor, it is still possible to invent something like «voluntary castration».
Marvel announced the film as the biggest, big-budget experiment, where dozens of plot lines merge together different franchises, and each will bring a note to the requiem under the name «War infinity».
no, it did not work. The film itself deprived cinematic essence. But not even the pursuit of box office, has divided the next phase of the final two, destroyed the picture. The failure of the fault is not only greedy producers, but also become hostages of the principle of the drama «never lowers the degree of incandescence» the filmmakers.
last film DC looked like one of the first Marvel film, and the latter, in turn, We did the opposite and take on untilled field for them serious stories, dramatic interchanges and pathos of despair. Both the alignment failed. All these allegations that it is time to reaffirm the same unfounded subjective reasoning.
First, «The Avengers» even in the atypically large in comparison with the previous films timing manage to stagnate around the foolish events, looking like a crumpled, messy. Try to briefly describe what he saw on the screen. Thanos gathered stones? It happened two major battles in the course of ... collecting stones? It could be shown 15 minutes of timing, but then would events, characters and battle to the death looked so heavy and fatal, that the following events are perceived as coming apocalypse rock. Remember the same final «The Lord of the Rings», where large-scale events were detailed and very harmonious with each other are placed on the screen. Every film must be solid and consistent for the viewer to embrace its history. Action can not be interpreted correctly without a proper and stable since the times of the ancient Greek epics structure in which there is a beginning, a middle and an end. "War infinity" is devoid of this structure and the first thing that kills the viewer's perception of it. We were immediately thrown into what is happening, without a minimum of preparation and explanation of what is happening in terms of reference. Already I see me flying in stone with an inscription: "Look CME previous films." I catch and toss it back: "The legs and torso, composed of a number, not a living person." The film should be a film within the film itself, and not looking at kinovselennuyu, reference materials, comics, prequels and other accompanying base. Integrity and harmony destroyed the painting, along with empathy spectator to what is happening on the screen.
Secondly, film and his PR company have set a very high level of audience expectations. It's hard to remember so enthusiastic and loud words he addressed to the at least one film. Even the previous Marvel promises about the other of her paintings were not so broad and pompous, which has received a new film
Third -. Volume. Number of characters - the main nominally, but in fact it is not even secondary - rolls over to the transcendent values. What does this mean for the plot and narrative? This means that they are not in the film. Each character speaks a tiny number of replicas, their meaning is reduced to a functional situational phrases like: «Hey, it's dangerous, flee», or non-functional, full of trivial meaningless pathos: «You have to do it, otherwise the world die ». nothing else you will not hear from the mouths of characters who used to have time to have fun joke, tell a story and to support actions researched his character. In this film, they seem to put on the hand of directors dolls in the images of Captain America, Iron Man and others, which they themselves have voiced behind the scenes. heroes of the over-saturation does not give not that open up to someone from them, but it does not allow to take at least any significant part in the story. They simply present there to tick the list and the name on the poster
And the last paragraph of criticism -. Antagonist. Oh, as soon as it is not touted before the premiere, and in the first days of hire and at all the entire Internet just drenched in foam from his mouth in praise of Thanos. All in a moment cried out that Marvel has got rid of the curse of the boring and gray villains managed to create a truly terrible, but pathetic villain, who empathize and hate at the same time. "Thanos terrifying, it plunges into a shock force, and the motivation is clear and even in their own close viewer" - something like this can compile all comments about him as a character, a villain, if not antihero. In my opinion Marvel has created another cardboard box, which is a characteristic sound plops down on the floor and trying to impress the dull ringing clogged spectator facilities. Purple giant bald devoid of history, as the film is devoid of strings, his logic is simple and clear, but they are easier to understand her more naive nonsense in terms of the script: "To Kill a half of living beings in the universe to rest half life was easier." And you know why? Because: "My world was lost, my predictions have come true." Almost verbatim quotes from the movie. Something similar can be observed with other bald heroes known militants. Do you feel the scale of the problems, building a complex moral and ethical design that is about to collapse because of some fundamental fracture in the worldview of the character? That's the writers 'Avengers' it seemed that they hit upon it and embodied on the screen. In the end, this is another slug, which is stronger than all the previous ones, was able to kill several others, now, discs, parallel to portraying the emotions of the type "a tear on his cheek." Maybe I was not able to conclusively prove its assessment, but I bet you will visit the similar thoughts after watching - Thanos does not stand out among the other villains of the Marvel not only, but also of cinema in general. . Classics in the foolish and stereotypical his performance
Summing up, I want to once again focus on the main problem of the film: impaired composition, in the absence of self-contained stories, zarublennoy characters smeared by 2 hours of screen action events that could easily happen in 15 minutes full movie. But the problem of modern cinema - I'll write the most horrible trivial - it is the pursuit of charges. If producers do not want to cut 3-4 billion at the box office and have limited appetite 1, -2, if they allowed the authors to create a good movie, if they untied his hands and gave the authors of the stories throw all unnecessary semantic garbage in the form of bundles of unnecessary characters, stretched penny stories, and helped to create a real imminent serious conflict, uchinonny mad titanium, which would, in turn, gave the childhood, adolescence, minutes when it was so, and became the most - would then be forced to film press in the chair on the voltage and suspense, and the rave reviews were real, and not by force of habit, called «Well, it's Marvel».

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