"The Apartment (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Good fellow newcomer S. Baxter works hard as a clerk in the office of a giant, numbering 32,000 employees, gets $ 93 a week, and a little more than 80 per month takes close to Central Park apartment 8,000,000th New York. Here are just a Baxter every day is delayed until late in the office, because "assigns" your apartment during office chiefs, that lead to mistresses. Those flexible Baxter promised promotion, only to the clerk it's damn inconvenient. And yet, the path to the top of the clerk soon went rapid, because the apartment Baxter began to apply more and big-boss Jeff Sheldrake. Meanwhile, successful business careers clerk became very much like Fran Kubelik office employee working in the company lifter.
"Apartment" Billy Wilder in its ideological and external entourage is very much like "Marty" Delbert Mann, who in the mid-50 -x also won the main "Oscar" Academy Award. Office modernity and lonely hearts in the big city - it is just these two works pretty darn similar. However, if the Mann made a film about love, in which the protagonist, though nice simple guy, but looks decidedly whacky (appearance Ernest Borgnine to a special romance does not have), the Wilder touched on several other "string". The main character in "apartments" CC Baxter played Jack Lemmon typical American employee - do not freak out and not a hero, weak-willed, hard-working and, of course, a social climber. He - a conformist, but his inability to say "no" to it creates a lot of difficulties. And it is precisely in this that's CC Baxter millions of Americans readily recognize themselves, making it not the most outstanding character, the viewer as close
Moreover, Wilder in his usual satirical manner, raised another previously taboo issue in the film. - "is" men bulk edit their wives. In the film, this has been brought up to a certain point of absurdity, because it look like a giant head office can not afford to find a place where they could spend time with their mistresses, a little strange. But it is precisely this strangeness and founded the original enough (though not entirely believable) story, according to which the rented apartment of the protagonist has become essentially a small brothel. However, it is in the "apartments" almost the first time in American cinema shows that adultery is not only massive, but also a natural phenomenon. Although Wilder contrary, opposes love and betrayal, giving sympathy, of course, the first and by the traitors in the film entirely shown goats, but the findings of pedagogical director the viewer does not impose any. Everyone makes their own choices, including the main character, who at some point have to be out of pocket to get the correct key - or from the apartment or from the directors' status toilet
And a couple of words about the cast.. Jack Lemmon to 1960 mu has been a Hollywood star, but it was after this film he proved that he is ready to pull a successful and leading roles. His character is CC Baxter captivating charm and cunning empathy. And the audience, along with Lemmon does not quite simple choice between a successful career and a possible true love, which is also not a fact that will be mutual. A truly first like Shirley MacLaine, who plays romantic, vulnerable and proud at the same time the little girl. Her final hand of cards even hardened cynics knock out a tear. And finally, one of the last of their iconic roles in this film has already played a little half-forgotten, but who is still in great shape 52-year-old Fred McMurray. His big boss falls for employees, but it is a true family values, came organically-significant, perhaps also because McMurray themselves, and did not have too far to get used to this role.
Billy Wilder once again caught the era of the trend and put the current and contemporary cinema of its time, for which he earned and collected a set of the main prizes of the Academy.
7,5 out of 10

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