"The Apartment (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Very light film. He did not 'ship' spectator complex topics for reflection, being extremely enjoyable to watch creation. He simply introduces us to the interesting characters, not including the sole villains. Every evil thing that we see here is a kind of a motivated: either the old grudges, or so the situation unfolded, and so on. In view of this and empathize with each work, because both oppose anyone no reason, and therefore want to see the end of all their own way they were happy. But the film chooses from among the worthiest, as if to give us an example to which the image should be sought -. It is instructive part of the movie that is not intrusive and made clear
general 'Apartment' - is undeniable classic film not only Western, but also world. He is a film in a simple, not pretentious manner overlook obscure topics, illogical amorousness people's hearts as well as the compliance of the human will, which must be nurtured, tempering, in order to feel not just free, and happy. He calls to fight for their happiness, and not run away from problems - fight to the last, helping others, then you will be rewarded with a belt full of excellent
memorable characters.. Only one Jack Lemmon, whose charm and talent to be equally ridiculous and equally sad, I compare with the charm but talent unsurpassed Marlon Brando, is played at the top level of the character, which penetrates from the first minute: we show it by a man of virtue, which all take not the fact only because people with work, that is, his bosses and superiors, unscrupulously exploit the ward, who wants to climb the corporate ladder, which is extremely difficult to do only diligence and diligence, he at the same time, etc. It presents. Because as we are introduced and with other heroes, among which stands out, of course, the female character Shirley MacLaine Fran - it is an ordinary girl who loves those who do not and, realizing this, suffering. However, trying to improve, what it helps Baxter (Jack Lemmon). And because of this aid, which served as the beginning of an unexpected, extraordinary string as a fun and dramatic events, the characters closer together, but together they still be undefeated prevent feelings. And here is how to end all this galaxy of accidents, - complete the same quality and conversational humor, which is clearly at one time inspired by Woody Allen, and situational comical its not mock accident like refers us to the works of the great Charlie Chaplin - and offered to find out the viewer
and the proposal is somehow involuntarily, imperceptibly, to accept, because the dynamics that accompany timekeeping, as well as clarity of the story chained so tightly that distracted and have no desire to. And in plus it goes and the time that even five minutes before the end of the picture can not understand how everything still happens and is over - so capable is rapidly developing story, whose interest, in view of that fact, not 'sprayed ', and it is stored until the final inscription' The End '.
film, despite its seclusion, very lively. He does not appeal to large scale action, he introduces us to the pleasant, attractive characters, and is already using their senses but the events associated with them, submits great story that penetrates and which is felt as a bitter tragedy due to imperfect human souls so characters and sincere joy associated with the funny situations from life, at work, in conversation with anecdotes, with random or not random. All this creates a charming, cozy atmosphere, which is complementary to the entourage of the Christmas and New Year holidays, on the eve of which revealed the depth of this small but so appealing story that at some point could remind me of 'irony', and in other already and Alfred creation Hitchcock shows that this film as an extremely many-sided creation, not burdened by complicated, florid narration, and gifted a pleasant setting, characters and top-notch acting game.
Should I look LeoFilm have? Without a doubt - yes
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