"The Apartment (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Strange but true - it 'Apartment', rather than 'Some Like It Hot "(" Some Like It Hot') has been the most favored by kinoakademikami prized her by three Oscar in the most prestigious categories: 'Best Film', 'Best director ',' Best screenplay '. Like 'hat-tricks' have been in the history of the Oscar award, and only seven of them fell to the lot of Billy Wilder - directed and co-authored with I. AL Diamond, screenwriter picture. In addition, he has long held the lead in the total number of nominations for the award, giving the palm a Woody Allen. Six times Wilder take home cherished statuette with an annual awards ceremony. They have not been deprived of the people who worked with him. They accounted for 14 Oscar. These include Audrey Hepburn and starring in 'The apartment' Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon, who worked in 7 films Wilder.
The outward simplicity of the plot with melodramatic bias disappears satirical comedy. Private clerk Charlie Baxter Insurance Company (Jack Lemmon), being a bachelor, has an apartment in a good area of ​​New York. Baxter's colleague, standing a little higher in the ranking than Charlie urgently needed nook for intimate communication with his mistress and flexible landlord could not refuse his boss, and soon Charlie selfless service already enjoyed four middle managers. At first, he suffered some discomfort only because of its softness, because there was no word in his vocabulary there, but soon appeared and positive moments. His business career went up the hill, and just around the corner loomed the prospect to acquire their own office. In order to bring the cherished goal, only required to include in the number of permanent members from his apartment key personnel director, he did not fail to do, is already looking forward to a full-fledged member of the team itself. For this he was ready to endure any difficulties:. Freeze in anticipation of the rain and snow, and if you have to, then sleep on a park bench
Billy Wilder makes fun of conformity and the beginnings of corruption, which to a greater or lesser extent, subject to the majority of people, like those who give millions and billions of dollars in bribes kickbacks, and those who pokes a hundred or policeman, brandy and chocolates doctor or a teacher, or the keys of your boss to love joys. Wilder reeks satirical arrows corporate personnel selection and placement system in which the determining factor is not the experience, knowledge and competence level of the employee, and personal devotion, eagerness to please and literally sprawl in order to lick the dirt from the master boot. Unfortunately, this issue is relevant not only for America.
important role in the film takes a melodramatic line, which conducted the main characters through all the trials will come to a natural and predictable finale, given that this is a Christmas story. Moreover, Wilder often accused of cynicism, because preaching nonconformity, he in fact has always been considered the market demands, considering the plot of the film especially its final part. Charlie Baxter meets Kabelik Fran (Shirley MacLaine) and falls in love with her, not yet knowing her secret affair with the Director of Human Resources, pudryaschem girl brains, promising to divorce supposedly hated his wife. It is not accidental choice of the place of work of Fran. As a lifter, she is able to either raise or lower the Charlie. Lift is the perfect metaphor here. Before the guy a difficult choice - a career, or favorite. Yielding Man, Charlie rushes up the career lift, and selecting Fran, he will be immediately lowered the elevator to the door and thrown out into the street. It would seem that everything speaks for career choice, but it will lead to moral degradation and on the other hand, by love, he will gain wings and feel the elation. Everything is in his hands.
This picture had a very significant impact on many Christmas stories taken later. It is difficult not to notice its impact on our wonderful director Eldar Ryazanov, who has removed all the housewives favorite country the film, which became as much a symbol of the New Year, as a salad. 'Apartment' is deservedly included in numerous top-lists, including those with three other paintings included in Billy Wilder's '100 best American films of the 20th century' list. Born in Austria-Hungary, Samuel Wilder, who was able to emigrate to the US in time to face the threat of Fascism, he took became his new home of America new name Billy Wilder. Not knowing the English language, he not only managed to learn it perfectly, but later became the author of many American idioms. The texts of his films dismantled for quotes, and he was forever entered the history of Hollywood and the whole of American culture. His films have to see.
9 out of 10

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