"The Apartment (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The filmography of Billy Wilder good movie just is not overcrowded. Within the framework of the forty-year career of the great director to work closely and step on each other's toes reference Noir, a powerful drama about human vices depths duhopodemnye epics of the heroes of America, a perfect movie for meetings, incredibly funny comedy (main profile maestro), the film adaptation of British classics (Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle) and even a few of excellent war films. But for such a colorful background is the sweet and slightly sad history of the city - the unforgettable "Apartment". One of the most successful film director, national love which hardly dries up, for your humble servant, number 1 among the works of the maestro, despite serious competition from the "Boulevard Sansent" and "Lost weekend".
Clever and subtle picture, is clearly a man-at the height of the creative forms (a year before the "Apartments" Wilder took off for a minute, "Some like It Hot"), clearly tell the story is captivating and melancholic atmosphere, close to any resident of the metropolis, with their unique sense of loneliness among mil ones strangers and never sleeping downtown. Amazing dialogues that turn even duty sharing phrases in the elevator into a genuine work of art, filled with aphorisms, and a favorite author of symmetry. But a trio of main actors (Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray) causes a feeling of euphoria in any true connoisseur of classical cinema and its specific weight is not inferior to the triumvirate of "Philadelphia Story". It is the actors, or rather by their characters (in each of the trio it sitting like embroidered on request) - absolute heart of the film, the reason why uncomplicated, in general, the story became one of the most important film works of the twentieth century. For the past fifty years, a small opus Wilder proudly carries the banner of one of the best of Hollywood melodramas, where tear stories have always been in the price. However, not every love story has to offer his audience a product so versatile and delicious.
Not forgetting the affairs of the heart and completely fulfilling the title of the great comedy writer, director and focuses not on the problem, even, and have become ubiquitous attributes of our cruel and sverhtsinichnogo time, a time when any manifestation of simple human qualities (whether it is honesty, kindness, and sincerity) is perceived as softness, lack of initiative and incompetent, while the desire to go on a head, Hypocrisy and commercialism and encouraged employers to thunderous applause bring untold dividends to their owners. The more interesting image created by Jack Lemmon. CC Baxter - A simple office worker, no millions, a small cog in a well-functioning and had no failures corporate machine. He is just one of thousands of workers, be naive to believe that honest work - a serious argument in the hope of raising and seniority outweighed kinship with his superiors. However, even if you have no uncle of the Board of Directors, there is always a chance to fly up the corporate ladder - just something you need to learn how to be useful to the powers that be, not forgetting that this talent rarely do without a bit of moral decay. To present in paints human sacrifice principles for the sake of career and willing to perform the dirty work on the whim of the boss enough to remember the character of Tony Curtis's remarkable film Alexander Mackendrick "Sweet Smell of Success." Blame is something like Baxter will probably only the bleary-eyed part of the public. After all, apartment fraud and the ensuing promotion - in any case not a clever and an attention to detail a plan born in mind calculating careerist, but only a set of circumstances that turned the hero Lemmon in a hostage situation, forced to concede their legitimate living space at any day and night a senior fellow for the love of merrymaking. And all this, mind you, not for the sake of promotion, but rather in the hope of preserving jobs. Humble and kind Baxter can chide except for spinelessness, which will help him to overcome a large and bright feeling to the heroine Shirley MacLaine.
for Lemmon and MacLaine role here have become a true peak, calling card, all the actors ensured the unflagging interest on the part of well-known directors. Jack and Shirley made a charming duet together and looked so great, that the absence of both filmography "Irma Tender" would be a serious omission. As for Fred MakMyurreya, owes much of its fame uaylderovskoy as "Double Indemnity," that without his predatory boss and conqueror of women's hearts Mr. Sheyldreka picture would lose some of its charm. One of the most interesting love triangles in film history (funny, but at the same time, all three in the frame and do not appear) is flanked by a whole galaxy of great supporting characters. So, it is unlikely those who watched the movie in the original, will be able to forget the squeaky lady that Baxter picked up at the bar. Fulfill this role, the actress, Wilder, incidentally, relieve and "Gentle Irma." There she played this time without saying a word representative of the oldest profession, whose fight with Shirley was the undisputed highlight of the tape.
It should be noted, and as always the hard work on the script. Written in collaboration with IA L. Diamond script "Flats" is replete with precisely-observed details of everyday life, striking filigree staging and strictly adheres to the covenant Chekhov about the gun hanging on the wall, threatening obligatory shot in the final act, as an act which would have seemed a harmless the subject of ladies' items like a pocket mirror. Unlike many paintings Wilder, which are based on fairly reworked the original material (a book, a play or an older film), "The Apartment" work from the beginning to the end of the original. Now the picture Wilder became a source of inspiration, in particular, for the creators of Broadway, has created quite a successful musical "Promises, promises".
As a result, emerged from the pen of Wilder's film received the product extremely versatile, equally appropriate for viewing and intelligent company erudite friends, and in the arms of its second half, and in splendid isolation. Like a faithful friend is delicately arranged under you - a reassuring smile uplifting, but, if necessary, lends itself to easy grief, not even looking at his good humor. Presenting a striking example of a desktop movies (each, of course, your favorites - from the "Office Romance" to "Terminator"), it is able to go forth to the infinite, so believe me, the number of views. And like Woody Allen, was surprised to discover discovers that he does not know the people who would not like the work already mentioned by Anton Chekhov, I can say with pleasure about a similar situation with "apartment"!

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