The Analysis Of The Book "The Missing Hours" By Emma Kavanagh Essay

If you are just looking for a good book to read or you just do not even like to read books, then you should read The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh. When I was reading this book I could not put it down. This is a mysterious book that anyone could read even if they do not like the mystery genre. Every aspect of the book was a good one. For example, the characters, the plot, and even the theme, it was all a good part contributing to the book. The characters in The Missing Hours were one of the most interesting to read about. The author had a unique way to display them throughout the book. The main character, Selena Cole was developed quite nicely as the story unravelled.

The plot interacting with her made me intrigued in her personality even though she was not physically present in the first part of the book. The way author introduced different characters had an interesting way to make the reader most invested in them even if the presence in the plot was not there. I did like the characters and how they were described because it layed out the storyline quite clearly with the good characters. The setting was a very important part in the book and the plot.

This book is about a mom, Selena Cole, that goes missing when playing with her small kids at a playground. Within the time that Selena goes missing which is around twenty hours, there is another death in the town. The setting is very important in this case because this is set in a town between England and Wales where it is quiet with a very low crime rate which makes it a mystery. I especially love how the setting contributes to the story because since this is a thriller and a mystery, the book needed mysterious components of what could tie together like in a small town. Since this is a book of mystery, there are plenty of conflicts within the storyline but they are not always filled in.

The author wants you to keep guessing what will happen and on the edge of your seat to keep you interested. Some of the conflicts within the plot is that Selena went missing in the first place. Now this happened straight off the bat in the book but it caused many other problems. Since her husband was kidnapped and killed before this all happened, this set off suspicions. When a man was killed in between the time Selena was gone, which was a very short amount of time, it was a big favor in what has been happening in this town. This contributed to the story by giving it some life. Without conflicts, it would be a boring book.

It would not have any events that would surprise or or question you can ask in your mind. It would just be pages with words on them. Whenever I finish a book, the thing that I look for personally is the theme. In this specific book, what I found the message to be is how silence can affect anything. I loved how this theme turned out because it taught me and most likely taught others too. This author and many others have probably formed their book to fit a theme similar to this one. Themes are important in books and to the readers because it gives the book a point and a meaning to share with readers.

The writing style of the author can make the complete difference between a good book and a bad book. The reason why I love this book is because of the detailed writing that the author thoughtfully portrays in the book. I knew right away what the author’s style was. For example, on page six, is where I noticed for sure that Emma Kavanagh, the author had an amazing writing style. “…” I also liked this specific line because it gave a description of scenery to lead for the book.This book has been one of my favorites that I have read so far. When I started reading, I could not put the book down. One of the reasons that it was one of my favorites was because the events in the book felt so real when you were reading them. I felt like I was standing on the sidelines of what was happening and actually being there. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries or thrillers or if you are just wanting to try a mystery book because The Missing Hours was a good book.

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