The Analysis Of Kia’S Expanding Ofthe Audience By Effective Advertisement Essay

Ad Analysis: KIA

In the advertisement for Kia’s car, the company displays their luxury ambassador Lebron James next to the Kia K900. This ad features James in a more upscale garage standing next to the K900. In the background, it shows a high standard office that can be targeted to a sophisticated audience. The headline says: ‘Fit for a King.’ Most people do not identify KIA as a wealth and luxury type, so the point behind this advertisement is to attract a more opulent audience. This KIA advertisement, “Fit for a King” is effective and targets the audience correctly. In this ad, KIA is displaying the car in James’ upscale garage.

If you look closely where the car is placed, you can see the sunlight going directly on the K900 and making a ‘path’ for it. By doing this they are highlighting the car in the photograph. Then if you look directly next to the car you see James standing with the same lighting situation to make sure they catch the audience attention. They want these two things highlighted specifically to show that the K900 is as good as any of the well-known upper class.KIA illustrates a very sophistication image to appeal to a different audience. By doing this they are targeting both the standard audience who would typically purchase cars like KIA, and an upper-class audience who would buy cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. This is to prove that KIA can stand up against the higher-class cars. To prove this, they have James as the main ambassador to change more people’s perspectives on the company.

Since James is considered the ‘king’ of basketball, by having the words, “Fit for a King” above the K900 and James this shows that this is more than just your typical car. KIA’s way of targeting a wealth and luxury type of audience is by placing one of the richest athletes in the world, NBA All-Star Lebron James in the photo. He plays a major part in trying to help KIA get recognized in the car industry. James is not afraid to go outside of society standards of what a professional athlete should be driving. By consumers seeing James presence it instantly catches their attention to the ad, this will help KIA get noticed. James as the luxury ambassador for the car will bring in instant credibility.

By building their credibility with people like James, this will make them well known for an affordable luxury car. KIA’s advertisement, “Fit for a King” targets the audience correctly and is effective. KIA was very intelligent about how they placed everything in this ad, with the lighting shining on James and the K900. The company is trying to expand the audience by expanding to a high-class audience. They knew by having James as the luxury ambassador this would do just what KIA wanted. KIA knew that James was not afraid to go outside of society’s perspective on what they think he should be doing, so this made him the perfect candidate.

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