The Analysis Of Adwertising Techniques Of The Procter & Gamble Company Essay

Moms are terrific, they will sacrifice anything to guide their children to success. Procter and Gamble uses the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic games to present their products through thanking mothers for teaching children, “falling only makes us stronger”. Despite the fact that they do not focus solely on advertising their products, they create an emotional link between mothers and the Olympics, persuading the viewer to eventually purchase their items and allowing this advertisement to be completely working.

Procter and Gamble includes kids falling and getting back up with the support of their mother and her constant words of encouragement throughout this advertisement. The producers include gold medalists, Lindsey Vonn and Evan Lysacek, which are famous Olympic winners, influencing the viewer to notice they came this far due to the guidance of their mothers. All of the pieces of the video include kids participating in winter Olympic sports, but many people fail to notice the Pampers diapers, Pantene shampoo, Head & Shoulders, Oral-B toothpaste, and the Tide soap, which happen to all be products made by P&G.

The producers focus mainly on the Olympics and how mothers are the reason athletes succeed. To intrigue the viewer at the end they briefly show a few of their brands and include #BecasueOfMom allowing the audience to get involved and become active within the commercial, walking away with a happy feeling. They also include as the last part of the advertisement, they are proud sponsors of moms which is their main focus since mothers are their target customer. “Thank You, Mom” is not a typical advertisement, the producers are not selling a specific product but an emotional tie to the company, through equity advertising. Procter and Gamble doesn’t directly tell the audience to buy pampers but they are rather giving them reason to trust their company and hoping in the future, will buy their specific products. In the clip, they show how mothers would use their products and give reason to why they should use them. Procter and Gamble specifically displays babies wearing pampers diapers as they fall down and get back up. They also include many different products giving reason to believe, if they use these, their child will be in the Olympics also.

When consumers think about this specific advertisement, they receive a positive feeling, which will transfer over to the specific company or brand, making this video completely working. The mother child bond appeals to viewers all around the world, causing them to relate to this advertisement on many different levels for many different reasons. Persuading them to go and thank their mom for all she has done. Since Mothers are the target customer for Procter and Gamble, their advertisement focuses on how moms encourage their children to get back up and try again because “falling only makes us stronger”. Linking this to the advertisement as a whole because the main focus is that mothers are the reason athletes are where they are today, so why wouldn’t you want to purchase Tide if it is going to send your child to the Olympics? This then influences the viewer to purchase their product, without specifically telling them to, causing this advertisement to be very persuasive.

Interaction is important when trying to grab the audience’s attention. Since Bounty, Gillette, and Pampers may not be the most interesting, Proctor and Gamble includes the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics to grab the viewers’ attention and focus on how moms play a very important role in their child’s development and success. The producers do an excellent job involving everyone by incorporating #BeacuseOfMom in all of their Thank You Mom commercials. On twitter Procter and Gamble have many tweets that include this hashtag, with multiple positive responses. Not only do they grab the attention of people who watch the commercial but people who may focus their time on social media, which gives them a taste of their company. Awarding mothers and viewers an opportunity to be active within the advertisement, creating a relationship and obtaining a past memorable image that will last forever, not only with the hashtag but with the company, Procter and Gamble itself.

Music sets the mood of this advertisement, though there isn’t much talking in the video, they specifically allow the viewer to hear mothers’ words of encouragement. When babies that were learning to walk would fall down, they would respond with things like, “Oops! Up you go” and “Try again, sweetie” teaching the child, it is okay to fall, just get back up and do it again. In this case when all of the sudden, the music stops as a girl is coming up the hill on her skis, only hearing sound from her breaking the snow, and cheers in the background from fans, she simultaneously hit the Olympic marker, and abruptly the loud, suspenseful music began again. Following her mistake, during that loud music, the producers show her mother disappointed that her daughter had not do as well as she could’ve, allowing the viewer to completely understand her emotion. This is a direct example of proving that falling only makes you stronger, because the girl gets up and tries again in the future, with the support of her mother.

Subliminal advertising is a promotional message given without the consumer being aware of it. Procter and Gamble includes Pampers diapers, Head and Shoulders, Oral-B toothpaste, and Tide in their video that focuses on the Sochi Olympics. They show the audience, through subliminal advertising that moms use these things at home to help their athlete win the Olympics. They include a scene where a mother is helping her child take off his socks after hockey practice. Within that scene you notice that there is a bottle of tide on top of the washing machine. Mom is going to use that tide to wash her sons sock, which is going to help him to win the Olympics. The viewer is able to see how Procter and Gambles products directly relate to their child’s success, which influences the viewer to go out and purchase their products, in hopes it will benefit their child athlete in the long run.

When producing this advertisement, Procter and Gamble took a large risk with the Thank You Mom campaign because not everyone in this world has been blessed with a mom that would bent over backwards for them. Some are adopted and don’t have this connection, others are abandoned and can’t related, and some mothers passed away before they got to really know their children… This video showed that moms had to get up at the crack of dawn to get their child ready and on time for practice. So… What happens if the viewer is not an athlete? Don’t worry, that is overlooked. This video goes much further, showing not only mothers being the most important role in their child’s development but the relationship they have with their children. When viewers can’t completely relate, they interconnect to the video by wishing they had that opportunity and hopefully encouraging them to be an amazing parent in the future.

There are many different types of moms but they all share one thing in common, the love they have for their children. As kids grow older, all moms want to accomplish is for their child to be the best they can possibly be. Procter and Gamble created this advertisement to not only get the word out about their product and the Winter Olympics but the influence that mothers have on their children as they grow up and develop certain skills. The only way for children to really learn that “falling only makes us stronger” is to try and fail multiple times. This video allows all viewers to relate and feel a connection on different levels. They do an awesome job at focusing on mothers because in the end, mothers are the ones buying things like paper towels and toothpaste to push their child further.

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