The American Revolution And The French Revolution: Are They Familiar? Essay

American Revolution And French Revolution Comparative Essay

Throughout the history of mankind many revolutions were led by people in different parts of the world in an attempt to chanage their society. Two such revolutions are the French Revolution and German Revolution, where people fought to change their society politically, ocially, economically. The French Revolution is a period in the History of France, covering the years 1789 to 1799, in which the monarchy was overthrown by the third estate and radical restructuring was forced upon the Roman Catholic Church. The German Revolution (1848-1871) was a revolution where people fought against powerful nations like the Austria-Hungry Empire and France to united the nation of Germny. Both of these revolutions, German and the French Revolution shared many similarities such as such as the fact that they both to expand the right of the people, but differed buy the fact that the outcomes of the revolutions were different.

These two revolutions, German Revolutions and the French Revolution, took place in different time periods, had great impact on the live of the people living there both politically, socially and economically. Both the German and the French Revolution were fought by the people against powerful nations to increase the rights of the people. When the french revolution started the first main priority of the french people was promot religious freedom. Similary, similarly the Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarck granted freedom to Jews. These two revolutions also differed by the fact that both of these revolutions had different outcomes. The result of the French Revolution was that the nation became an empire, where Napoleon (military leader of France) became the dictator of France who fought to spread nationalism. On the other hand, the outcome of the German Revolution was that Germany imerged as a powerful unified industrial nation. Therefore, both the French Revolution and the German Revolution were both similar and different in many ways.

There were many similarity between the German Revolution and the French Revolution. One similarity between both of these revolutions is their emphasis on Enlightenment thought. The Enlightenment, which started in France caused the people of monarchies to begin to recognize the inequality inherent in such systems. The French Revolution was influenced by Rousseau and John Locke because their ideas encouraged the people of the third estate to rise and fight for their Freedom. Especially John Lock, who influenced the ideas of social contract, in which everyone in a society is accountable to one another, and the idea of governments deriving their power from the consent of the people. Similarly the German revolution influenced by German philosopher Karl Marx who believed in the ideas of socialism, due to the fact that it eliminated class systems. His ideas of scoialism helped influenced the working class of industrail socities to work together and overthrow the central government with always sided with the owners. Another similarity between the French and the German revolution is that both were fought by middle and poor class people in order to increase their rights in the societies. For instance, when King Louis XVI of France increased taxes due to the fact that the Seven Years War and American Revolution had put France deeply in debt. This deeply angered the people in the third estate as they were forced to pay more taxes, since the first estate (Catholic Church) and the second estate (Nobility) did not have to pay taxes, as they out voted the first estate. This cued the uprising in the people in third estate to rise up and fight for the unequality tin their representation in society. Simlarly in Germany, Jews were highly discriminated and deprived of many of their natural rights which includes religious freedom. When the Prime Minester Otto von Bismarck came to power he made reforms to grant freedoms to Jews. Last but not least, bot the German and French Revolution was led by middle and poor class. For instance in the French Revolution majority of the people fighting in the revolution were that of the

Middle class professionals throughout Germany had led the way in an effort, not only to produce a liberal Germany, but also to unify Germany under one government.

Though the French Revolution and the German Revolution shared many similarities they also are different in many ways. One of these differences is that both of these revolutions lasted for different length of time. The French Revolution which took place in France, lasted for more than 10 years from the year 1789 to 1799. The French Revolution ended when Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself the emperor of France (dictator), when he arrived in France after a period of long military conquest. While on the other hand, the German revokution lasted for more than 20 years from the year 1848 to 1871. The German revolution lasted for a long period of time due to the fact that it had different phases. The opening phase 1848-1849, aslo known as the March Revolution, was a rebellion to overthrow the Austria-Hungary Empire from the German Confedration. Another difference between the French Revolution and th German Revolution is that both of these revolutions had different outcomes. When the French Revolution ended it turned into a dictatorship. This is due to the fact that Napoleon did not want the people to rule themselves. So once the revolution was over instead of creating a democracy and electing a president; Napoleon established himself as an emperor and ruled France. On the other hand when the German Revoluyton ended the county emerged as a powerful unified industrail nation that dominated Europe. This is due to the fact that when Germany defeated the French in the Franco Purssian war in 1871, it was able to restore the German Empire. Last but not least, the French Revolution and the German Revolution were different because in each of these revolution people fought for different purposes. People fought French Revolution 1789 due to the inequality in the social system. For example, the people in the third estate ere forced to pay higher taxes then people in the first and second estate. Therefore, the peopl fought mainly to get more freedom (freedom of speech, religion and press) andrights, such as equal representation. While on the other hand, people in the German Revolution fought mainly to over throw their oppressors, such as Austrians. They fought these nations revive the long German Empire, that was broken apart by the Monarchs of Europe. These were the many ways that both of the American Revolution and the French Revolution were different.

In conclusion, both the American Revolution and the French Revolution were similar and different in many ways, even though both of these revolutions took place in different years. The French and the American Revolution were similar due to the fact that both of these revolutions were influenced by enlightenment ideas of philosophers such as Rousseau and John Locke, and both started due to the fact that the monarchs imposed heavy taxes on the people to pay off their nations debt. Not only that, but also when the American Revolution and the French Revolution ended they both greatly decreased the power of their monarchs. These revolution differed by the fact that both of these revolutions lasted for different length of time, and both resulted in different outcomes. As a matter of fact, both of these revolutions, the French Revolution and the American Revolution, were different because in both of these revolutions the people fought to change different aspects of the society. Both of these revolutions even though they are similar and different, influenced other nations to rise up and fight for their independence and freedom.

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