The after laundry mistakes we have to be cautious about Essay

The after laundry mistakes we have to be cautious about

Washing clothes with washing machine seems not easy anywhere. However, even more than it is funnier than you think. While speaking about laundry and dry cleaning Dubai marina, people want a complete solution to all their laundry problems. The main goal is to provide easy and efficient laundry services for everyone. We know that your laundry service is taking too long. Actually, with increasing business in the lives of people, small washing jobs for people are now impossible. To resolve this issue, we have launched a variety of laundry and dry cleaning Dubai marina. The after laundry mistakes we have to be cautious about are as follows:

1. The water temperature is too high

The cloth will improve your shape and color, and the clothes will slow down if they are at low temperatures. In addition, if you have a good washing machine and detergent, hot or cold water can handle dirt. Only 190 km per container or towel can disconnected. The rest can be done with low temperatures.

2. A machine with dirty cloth

Plummeted items should be trapped primarily, and detergent should be treated carefully before the clothes are placed in the washing machine. You can use alternative methods instead of detergents. Lemon juice is a good sweat-proof cleaner; Mixture of vinegar and liquid detergent removes grass; mixture of water mixture and 3: 1 ratio of soda baking, alcohol will disappear.

3. Excessive detergent or softener

Maximum detergent or softener can blow container and produce an unhealthy mess, and it is difficult to reduce the maximum softening. Food reads carefully on the diet, which is indicated on the package and do not use the measuring cup. If your equipment is really dirty, use pre-wash mode or run 2 loop.

4. Use softener for all kinds of clothing

In addition, the softening of the clothes has helped in stabilization. However, it reduces the absorption of clothes over time, so it is not better to use other items made of washing towels, sports or microfiber, elastane or spandex.

5. Cleaning items with "dry cleaning" label

This is not necessarily a mistake. Most items that say "dry cleaning" can wash hands and wind dry. It includes natural fibers such as Lebanon and most silk. First check the color of the skin, continue the cloth buckle with soap water once or twice, then drag it and wipe it with a towel to extract moisture. However, for some categories, you should dry up: leather, suede, silk double cloth, any decoration and structural parts (such as cardigans).

6. Use bleach to make flexible fibers, Lycra or Spandex

Chloride Bulch is a relatively aggressive substance that weakens the fiber and should not use it as much as possible. This is especially true for flexible fibers, lasraa and spandexes, which shed with bleach can soon lose their elasticity. Here are more tips on how to handle something:

· Only cold water can be consumed.

· Do not use softening clothes.

· Do not dry in the automatic dryer.

· Do not take them.

7. Wash denim often

Denim manufacturers have a basic perspective on this approach: they long recommend to leave the machine completely to keep the color. If you are not ready to follow this advice, the maximum interval between 2 wash is 2 to 6 months, depending on how often you wear jeans and your body's personality.

8. Wrong drying

Wrong drying can affect your clothes and unusual washing. Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes:

· Do not use automatic drying often: It will wear your stuff and lose the color faster. Do not use thin, delicate clothes to dry it.

· Do not do more than that - it works hard.

· Knit and woolen items do not hang because they lose shape. Scroll them on the horizontal level.

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