"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Tiger Hunt" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Defeat a powerful enemy - does not mean to win the fight. Indeed, in its environment certainly left a lot of associates who may be no less dangerous and cunning villains. But after learning that the best London detective was killed, and they did believe that all their future dealings, cranking out under the noses of the valiant police impunity. But do not take too was very ill-advised course.
completed the first part of the story on a tragic note, the director Igor Maslennikov with the help of cameras, as once Conan Doyle with the pen, the legendary detective returns to the living world into account colleague of the detective. After all, Moriarty was not the slightest chance to win over so observant person that anticipate the outcome of their mortal combat ahead
«-. Watson! I'm alive, alive. Get up, my friend
-. Holmes, they want to arrest me, »
hard to experiencing the death of his best (and only) friend, Dr. Watson is struggling to continue his work, watching Ronald Adair. in danger of being accomplice Moriarty. Watch his lonely adventure interesting, that's just very much lacking in the frame of Mr. Holmes. Vitaly Solomin got a chance to show what he's worth, when there is no colleagues. He pulled the film, as Watson is unfinished business, practically by himself. However, most of the series in the face of every passer-by want to know Sherlock returned. And when, at last, to hear the voice of the frame Livanov directly load off the shoulders - their common adventures continue
again pleased with his boundless stupidity of Inspector Lestrade!. Borislav Brondukov simply incomparable in this manner. His character just wanted to shake his brain that would have risen in its place. And from Boris Klyuyev and Rina Green actors who performed the role of the housekeeper's brother and the main character, suddenly turned funny tandem, without which Holmes plan would hardly worked properly
gradually, maintaining the intrigue, the story takes us to the time of firework -. The return of the beloved detective. Subtle humor and skilfully performed surprisingly characters made the culmination of this series one of the most exciting moments of the story. Igor Maslennikov skillfully played on the audience's feelings, showing real friendship and deep sorrow. The music can be heard at the beginning, just heartbreaking. Indispensable composer Vladimir Dashkevich virtuoso violin turned with ease uplifting Sherlock before, very sad tool. And she catching the offender in the final striking in its elementary cunning, which is capable of only a genius like detective of Baker Street.
What would be dangerous or would be a beast, Holmes and Watson there is always plenty of trap. The main thing is that it folds shut in time.

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