"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Tiger Hunt" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

With a heavy load on the heart Dr. Watson returned from a picturesque Switzerland. The great detective and the best, if not the only one buried in his depths Reichenbach Falls, leaving only a piece of paper with a paternal written instructions. Mrs. Hudson, this sweet and slightly grouchy old lady for a month can not get over it, bursting into tears at every sincere remembrance of his wonderful roommate. Discouragement and sadness reigned in the once brisk and business-like atmosphere of the famous living in the street Baker Street at number 221b.
And even more disgusted with the soul of a good-natured Watson on what is one of the wills of his mentor to fulfill it and failed. Unfortunately, we could not the doctor, trying to reincarnate in a conventional London detective, to save from harm the young Count Ronald Adler, who had the imprudence month ago quarrel with Colonel Moran, notorious inmate holmsovskoy filing on the letter 'M
And then there was this ominous silhouette marker, each occurrence of which does not lead to good, guessed at every turn. The peak of the prolonged strip cute doctor failure ceases Watson awakened middle of the night a loud clatter of an old friend Inspector Lestrade along with henchmen came to arrest the doctor as the main suspect in the murder of Count Adler. And to understand all this obscurantism, sadly, is only one person in the world ...
Yeah, from this scenario, fit to howl at the moon by night. And our doctor seems to lose all faith in the future. But as you know the night is the darkest before the dawn and (* there should be a long theatrical pause *) ... Well, in general, you understand: Holmes returned, making its transformation into another masquerade. Of course, the resurrection of the hero was buried in absentia - the course is now a decent cheap tysyacheseriynogo "soap", but we can not say that the fact that the return of Holmes was for someone totally unexpected. Anyone even slightly familiar with the literary source and having a sober mind could foresee it. Yes, and not a thriller with acrobatic plot twists, eventually filmed Maslennikov, right?
Great detective back in the ranks and he returned, seems fairly rested and gained strength. And here again, you can watch the famous light in the eyes, slightly ironic behavior and calculating mind in all its glory. And how can not remember at this stage return, rather, what happened after with Watson and Mrs. Hudson -. Scream and nothing else, I'll tell you
last major production of the gentlemen whose name starts with M, to become notorious Colonel Moran - a former war veteran in India and "the most dangerous man in London." And Colonel learned about the sudden "resurrection" of the hated and finally gone too far detective, decides to solve all the issues for a long time tested method. But when the hunter himself becomes a sacrifice, it becomes very interesting. And when the final Holmes and Watson and all jiving on "ultra-hazardous" Moran and "fox terrier" Lestrade, becomes altogether fun.
result. Decent and optimistic conclusion of the trilogy, putting an end to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in unraveling the secrets of almost mystical letters M and give the audience more than three hours a confident directing, acting master of reincarnation, the spirit of Victorian England, Dashkevich atmospheric music and a good mood.

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