"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Tiger Hunt" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Quite a hefty volume of chocolate color called "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" has taken its place of honor on a bookshelf about twelve years ago, and to fix in my mind a very strong love for, without a doubt, the great detective and his charming devoted friend. Since then, and until now, the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle's associated with a cup of strong tea drunk by the fireplace under a hell of an entertaining and fascinating story told unworldly narrator, endowed to the same great sense of humor. Although these memories are especially individual, it is not necessary to be himself Holmes, or at least be with him in kinship, to understand elementary thing - almost every reader can also tell you about touching his unshakable love for this world-famous character and his adventures. And in this lies the secret of servile admiration for the "Soviet sherlokianoy»
Objectively look at the picture does not have to: prevent just two kind of barrier - unfading feelings to the characters and the word itself "classic", you can put something in the box genres. deleting therefrom any other words. So, I tripped over these barriers, naively confuses the viewer downright Gogol ladies - lady just nice and pleasant lady in all respects. The one that is pleasant in all respects, dressed up in a strict, but multi-layered dress, pale, mysterious and attractive, second it perfectly mimics, but even the naked eye can be detected does not spoil the picture, but to change the essence of the details - this ringlet worn out hair, feather on the bonnet of a ridiculously bright color, but through the affected assumption of rigor and betrays a radiant smile. Yet Holmes, Conan Doyle was endowed with its natural elegance, subtlety, weightlessness, all the true mood of the piece as if distorted vision in Russian history.
«Tiger Hunt," will reunite famous detectives, friends, and pleased, and my heart warmed, but only if that's tea is not the same but with the narrator something happened. Playfully ironic atmosphere of the film, flavored gorgeous actor's game, has created a dish worthy of any kinogurmana - well, except you can not smile when Gregson and Lestrade "hang" murder Watson, building bold theory about the body, close the door from the inside, how can we not rejoice watching the transformation of the importunate tramp with books in a bewildering Holmes? And here is our simple nice lady impersonating guts, if not embarrassed by his innate otherness and sister Englishwoman. And, of course, the lady is absolutely right - the audience wipe their lace handkerchiefs tears, speaking on the living and joyous laughter, compress cams at exciting moments and sincerely worry for heroes
Capture "third M" fit in an hour of screen time flew like. would quietly (though slightly delayed the part that was dedicated to the yearning for Holmes, played brilliantly by the way, but then the story flew all winds, pulling the audience into the whirlpool of events), so that when the cup of tea was dopit, embers were extinguished in the fire, and husky g Olos narrator paused, then feeling free of melted tale could not disappoint. God knows that the St. Petersburg heroes bravely taken the way of the crime comes too distant relatives of his British ancestors. However, Conan Doyle was a staunch atheist, confident, honest and kind person, and therefore in fact there would be unlikely to attach importance to this difference. Especially, my friends, the letter M is finished, and on the verge of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes stands Lady H. But that's another story ...
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