"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Tiger Hunt" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The Colonel was a big bastard - he pass on three aces
Card saying
No one, even the most interesting theory is no substitute for practice.. No naiuvlekatelneyshie stories can not be compared with the importance of experience. A skilled preferansist aware of the fickle whims of the alignment: right sufficient to calculate the map, estimate the layout suits - and here it is, a chance for the final victory. At the same time, any fisherman know: everything is always bad ends for bait. How to relate to one another? Very easy, just swipe a volume of Conan Doyle and Charles Milverton. The first of the triumvirate of dangerous criminals in London from filing under the letter "M", as it turned out, did not play only for himself. Mighty criminal Professor Moriarty structure posses irreparable damage after contractions at Reichenbach Falls, similar to that of the card svolochnaya Col. folklore. Obviously, having an influence group could pre-emptive strike on Sherlock Holmes and protect its existence at least until the beginning of XX century. Instead - failure after failure, the loss of a "dragon's head" after another. The last of the survivors - a cynical sharpie and retired sniper Her Majesty Sebastian Moran - waged war not against the great detective. He fought for the right of the strongest, what obstinate fate denied him regularly
What is especially good three-part unit "Adventures." - so this volume derived villainous archetypes. By the time the show "Tiger Hunt" the viewer must have a good idea of ​​Holmes and Watson, while representatives konandoylevskogo MMM logic prescribed to keep their secrets, not only from Scotland Yard. Pointless to argue which character was given to Igor Maslennikov of antagonists camp better - in their own way, each successful. Milverton is magnificent in its cynicism, Moriarty takes the effect of external intimidation, well, Moran - good in the form of a hidden wolf, or rather the tiger as he calls himself. Sarcastic attempt came director give Watson his skills seem to deceased friend: one realizes just how difficult it is - all anticipate, foresee and calculate. One wrong step, once the gesture careless word - and save protects young aristocrat fails and own fate is in jeopardy. Naturally, self-adventure Dr. Watson will not happen, because his investigation time Conan Doyle received so many angry letters that, with a heavy sigh, he returned to the big game big detective. And, from the standpoint of a new intrigue into a familiar narrative structure, it would be difficult to come up with something a little more successful.
«Tiger Hunt" allows you to feel that same feeling prey at a time when she was instructing a gun. Colonel Moran, probably more than once experienced such feelings, but to declare the night in Baker Street, has opened a special phase in its history. And it remains a mystery real reasons for deadly alliance of three "M" was possible, but repeated "flirting" Reichenbach Falls in the story perfectly looped plot. The systematic confrontation of Holmes and Watson with the most odious villains London is an example of the importance of personal motives in the collision are equally charismatic heroes. Thin analytical game with elements of the conspiracy is impossible without resolution of the conflict as a real man, and this is one of the main charms of the phenomenon of Conan Doyle's novels. They have absolutely no irritating mannerisms, all motives are as simple and natural to understand. Thirst enrichment, power, revenge, satisfaction of ambition - the three "Adventures" series are mounted on azah human passions. It is impossible to be considered strong if everything around weaknesses, and it is impossible to achieve high goals without heavy overcome. Not that it matters, on which letter begins the name of the next offender. The beauty is that each of these bad guys wins back its own layout, hoping to win, but the laws of the genre is always the last word for the detective. As a last resort, he asked for a couple of minutes on a note with the instructions, and if you're lucky - proudly straighten and lit his famous pipe.

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