"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Hound of the Baskervilles - probably the most famous film about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. I generally like all the films in this series. deductive method conversations explanation at the end of the film and indeed very interesting. And this film would be no different from the other series of films, if not three but. There was a great mystical story that, in my opinion, lacked other film series, appeared a great mystic background music, and there was one new wonderful actor.
I certainly spoke about Nikita Mikhalkov. I saw only his later works, where he was the director and all the films as if built for themselves, but in this film, in my opinion, without exaggeration, one of the best male role of the second plan. 99% funniest moments of the film are associated with it, which gives the film in places such an easy atmosphere. Generally Mikhalkov by their presence strongly shook, cheered like this movie, and all the series in general. I, honestly, no one else can not imagine his role. And his drunken adventures through the swamps with Dr. Watson in the middle of the film, it is generally possible to reconsider indefinitely. That's even how he portrayed a drunk, Solomin not even close to him. Such carefree cheerful view smokes cigar elegant straight. His conversations with Berimora, at the expense of breakfast bar, and everything else. Yes, all his dialogues, monologues greatly enliven the movie, and then he looks at one go. Livanov and Solomin few before him pale, but it was not their failure, it is completely and entirely merit Nikita Mikhalkov. Sherlock Holmes film in general the floor did not appear, and Watson all time was Henry Baskerville, so ... The only thing I did not like in terms of the actors, it's Inspector Lestrade. Him in this film is given very little time, but it is an omission writers. Generally Hound of the Baskervilles, I looked before anyone else, and then to The Sign of Four and so on and so forth. Well, that's so much I liked the other films Borislav Brondukov that when I review this film, it makes me sad that Lestrade in this movie almost none. Well, of course I can not say about Oleg Yankovsky. The role he is not the first plan, but, nevertheless, very important. So Rina Green in the image of Mrs. Hudson, with his husky voice, was very nice.
script turned out just gorgeous. Most importantly, the fact that there are no other parts of the series is the fact that it mystical. It is clear that in the end all be cleared up by the normal, without any fiction, but still, sometimes even some horror elements appear. Generally it is a godsend for the film of criminal-detective genre. Normally, as a committed some murder and begin to investigate, and there is not just a murder, then near the crime scene found traces of a huge dog, and has around the whole thing start to unfold. In general, the plot development should be very interesting, but all these constant howls from the swamp, right sometimes the heart stops, and the soul goes to the heel.
But to the script fell by 50%, if not totally gorgeous music. There are many shades of it, but the motive 2. One completely mystical, which is played on a harmonica, the flute, and it generally just whistle. And second, it's a comedy, which is almost always appears in scenes with Mikhalkov. Well, you can still be called the third is corporate soundtrack in a movie about Sherlock Holmes. Generally mystical motifs create music somewhere in the 70% of the film's atmosphere. In general, most of the film takes place in a swamp, so that the music should be appropriate, so that if it were not this wonderful music, I do not know that from the movie received generally.
In general, almost all the films of Sherlock Holmes I put 8 points, but added to this standard set of remarkable Actor, cool mystical story, the mystical and cool music, we get absolutely stunning cocktail. For me this is the best Soviet film of all time.
10 of 10

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