"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Somewhere close to the definition of "British Legends" emerges unwieldy figure of the Loch Ness Monster. However, a native of Scotland Edinburgh, Conan Doyle thought of his story, when the press has not yet replicated the "shocking evidence of the fossil of the day". The writer spoke to more ancient sources of national mysteries, and here he was useful notoriety, Fleur (by the way, in our days, too) over the marshes Devon. Almost every local settlement can hear the blood-curdling tales of restless creatures whose shadows lurk in the stinking marsh vapors or of the local devil, having at least a dozen verbal descriptions - one other absurdities. Well, about the Hound of the Baskervilles, I think, once again tell anyone is not required: the legend of her caught up in popularity with himself Holmes. Why is it so happened that this investigation deemed "sherlockiana" peak? Obviously, the whole thing in the spirit of old England and its primordial nature, which is not too much romance, but it is quite adventurous and exciting adventures risk. Migrate events with businesslike London Street on the inhospitable Devonshire pastoral gave them a special charm, and talent of Soviet filmmakers -. And even comedy
If the previous series Maslennikov cycle turned out to be worthy of the progenitor, the "Hound of the Baskervilles" was able to beat him, which is rare for any genre . Conan Doyle did not occur to colorfully describe the severity of a hangover, with equal inevitability possessors Crown Sir Henry and Dr. Watson. But it is so in Russian, is not it ?! And someone who prefers to wear top hat and smoking a cigar on a day still had the nerve to talk about "historical differences between peoples." art of improvisation - that's what really brings. Causing laughter every time he appears in the frame Mikhalkov any one role was not so natural and charming. A Solomin! Only the sixth attempt he managed to escape from the shadow of Holmes Livanov, and prove that it is an intellectual Watson is consistent in the field of self-investigation. On the cast, decorate the "dog" in general can talk long enough to say that such a stellar ensemble in the Soviet series had neither before nor after. And because no one suspect of stereotyped images of subjects of the English Queen. And in those years, among other things, the Iron Curtain has not got holes! Decent source, its scrupulous adherence to detail and bringing Russian charming, multiplied by a fantastic (and other words, bearing in mind the current state of affairs in our movie, you will not pick) talent -. The cornerstone fascinating film
It just so happened that the great detective infrequently able to come into contact with ancient traditions. Hard-headed pragmatist, he preferred the thinking of modern categories. the curse of the Baskervilles kind initially did not fit into the usual holmsovsky canon, but endowed the story so vivid originality that the central character had the opportunity to try on the role of the "late" Poirot. Participation of Holmes in Devonshire actually happened mentoring, as if he had turned into a distance of puppeteers and watched as his friends to cope with the terrible mystery in their lives. It is in this series are fully disclosed as the English entourage great foundation for any myths in the gloom of night and on rotten bogs has taken on credibility. On the dog place could be absolutely any thing, or some ghost - the result would have stayed the absence, for the people would be too boring lived without fear of a mysterious danger. Zest confrontation Holmes, Watson, Henry Baskerville with a hoaxer - yet another confirmation of the well-known theory that each person is able to be master of the situation, if it can properly dispose of its resources. And watch for a variation of the game in the "cat and mouse" - a pleasure even on the tenth viewing
Yet here and there, we Brits do not understand.. Do not we love (well, most, anyway) oatmeal in the morning and irritating mannerisms. How could penetrate overseas traditions? The answer is simple: we must find in its ranks, for example, a born butler what became Adabashyan. His performance as Barrymore - the true key to the establishment of diplomatic relations between different peoples. It is not that all things are better discussed at the table, and the present, a sincere desire to respect and understand the soul of others as his own. "Hound of the Baskervilles" with wonderful charm combines purely British pedantry international sense of adventure and search of criminals. Like it or not, any business together to unravel the fun. Excellent detective assures that each and all will be well. Devonshire marsh will take in its insides of another villain, and orchids bloom of flame Mikhalkovskaya monologue.

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