"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Of all the stories about the great detective, "Hound of the Baskervilles" - without a doubt, the most famous and beloved. In a sense, she had bad service - today does not even have to read the story itself, to know what kind of dog and why it is so light in the night. It is even difficult to say now what exactly caused such fame - the fact that the story of Conan Doyle itself bitter tasting, or the fact that this story got even one of the most credit Maslennikov films. Most likely, and those and others.
It was just great! The funniest, the most alive, the most brilliant, the most intimate, the most uplifting film of the entire Soviet sherlockiana! Almost the most important thing in it - absolutely fantastic game of all, without exception, the actors, and I want to start it with the hand thanks to actors - at least some of them. Strictly speaking, it is easier to calculate which of the actors of the film in the end almost all leave no impression than make a very long list of performers who literally pulls the admiring gaze from the first minute, so much so that not otvedesh.
about brilliant duet Livanov & amp; Solomin especially will not apply, because they - the main advantage of the series, rather than any specific films. Let me just say that in the "dog" they are not worse than one iota, however, otherwise I did not expect.
Talking about the actors of the film, in the first ten seconds, 90% of all viewers mention the name of Nikita Mikhalkov. And there's no getting around it. Although, of course, he is not the only advantage of this movie, anyway - unless there Forget it though sometime this cutie Sir Henry? And on a night trip swamps, and quiet attempts to forget, bezvylazno sitting in this damned mansion, and «Who do they take me to this hotel!» - all the fun, very cool. Someone blames him for unnecessary affectation, stupidity, and the image of the book, he, they say, does not match ... but in my opinion - Sir Henry Mikhalkov turned even brighter and better than the one that was described in the book. Raised in the vast New World, dramatically stood out among his fellow-Englishmen, cheerful, energetic, naive, sometimes producing the impression child who never grew up. Thank you, thank you very much
Next chic character -. Jack Stapleton in the presentation of Oleg Yankovsky. What I it liked best, so that's what he's here is truly itself diabolical trick - Jankowski brilliantly regains it when he puts on his mask to exit in front of people, and at the same time something that is literally on a subconscious level, gives us to understand the true essence of it. There is in him some dark charm ... just to see how he holds himself - always calm, discreet, confident, friendly and at the same brash, cynical, especially with his wife - it's even on the people struck by ... < i> «restraint and patience, combined with cunning smile on his lips and in the heart of black malice ...»
Alexander Adabashyan - butler John Barrymore. «dressed neatly, black beard». It is said that the role of Barrymore Adabashyan was generally almost accidentally (Mikhalkov brought it with him to the shooting, constantly consulted with him, and Maslennikov just need to find him kakoe- the lesson), and in this case we can only say that the fate of the Soviet sherlokiane surprising delights. Barrymore otherwise I can not imagine -. And diction and demeanor, and this phenomenal coolness and devotion to his master ... and, of course, its enchanting meme about the oatmeal, which today does not know except that deaf and blind
Here Eliza Barrymore (by the way, described in the book as a « phlegmatic respectable woman ») as presented by Svetlana Hook - it is something completely different. Not only that, from the creators of the book in this case is moved to a hundred thousand kilometers, so even on a pair of diametrically opposite people like John Barrymore and Eliza, as part of the film is not naradueshsya. To describe it in words there is no way better to see once. Her enchanting performance at the end of the film, about a boy Henry, who was very fond of oatmeal - then I just quietly sobbed with laughter
Eugene Steblov -. James Mortimer. I remember how, in the book it a couple of times I have fun amused - eccentric and funny doctor, of all human qualities first of all notice the type of skull. «Cute, unaspiring scattered ...» all as described by Conan Doyle, not just reproach. Eugene Steblov entire film firmly holds the bar, even difficult to identify any particular moment - the great all (although in my memory most often comes to life scene with reading the legend), and in general, Dr. Mortimer left him so alive and moving, is not praise him, I just can not
creators brilliantly managed to preserve the atmosphere of the book -. mystical, mysterious ... and at the same time - still the same charming, completely inimitable irony. And the comedy is not just not spoil the experience, not only does not interfere with small ants run over the skin and start the next time a hoarse howling dog - on the contrary, it is so amazing organically infused into the narrative fabric that not once have I not the feeling that were treated with a book somehow not
As usual, good shooting -. majestic Baskerville Hall, found the crew in some wilderness Tallinn, the ancient swamps, not devoid of distinctive charm and mystery ... it should be noted that the camera work odnozn Normally the highest score on, and turn around there is where, and it's just necessary to see: and plans, and the movement of the camera, and everything - a beautiful film in the entire series. And the final hunt for the very same dog, a key moment in history - and today it sneaks on time, and even a little clumsy for this day trick photography is not much hit the eyes. But, honestly, even if this episode they filmed without any gadgets and widgets, and instead of a huge Great Dane fired anyone else, though cocker spaniel Snoopy - the film would still be nice to look at. Because it was too good Mikhalkov, Jankowski, Adabashyan and stems. And, of course, Livanov and Solomin - they are always full of excitement
-! What is this mess something
-? Oatmeal, sir

10 of the! 10
great movie, just great!

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