The Absurdity Of Gender Inequality Essay

I’m a gender equality advocate. People should not look down on people with their opposite gender. It does not mean that girls can’t lift heavy things, and it does not mean that boys can’t take care of their baby. People these days are just looking down on women, even though they are just the same as men. What’s worse is what they did to them in the old times, men and women had separate schools that teach different subjects. For men the subjects are connected to fighting, while the subjects of women are connected to household chores.

For me, I think it’s unfair, because why would the leaders of our time think it’s good to teach different subjects to men and women? Luckily it is now gone, because if that tradition still continues, then men would not know mathematics, and women would not know self defense. Back to present time, another thing that is connected to gender equality is how we think about our opposite gender. When we think about girls it’s usually like “Why do girls can’t choose clothes when they have more clothes than they will ever need?” and when we think about men it’s usually like “Men are so messy, do they even clean their own room?”, That is what happening to us right now, do you ever realize how insulting that is? If we continue doing this, most likely that the world will be messed up. Gender equality can be achieved if we think about the behaviors of men and women equally, and when men and women enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, it’s not so hard right?

So why do we not understand this simple text? Another thing is the Olympics. Why do people think that men are gonna win the weight lifting challenge, and not women? Just because men have muscles does not mean that women can’t do the same. And about the education again, why do people think that women are smarter than guys? Guys can be smart too. In other words, I think that gender discrimination is unfair, because inside, we are all the same.

Sure we have different roles, but that does not mean that we should discriminate the opposite gender. Women are the same as men, and men are the same as women, gender equality is for the good of everyone. In my own words, gender equality is a must for everyone, because sometimes we don’t even know that we are being discriminated by our own gender, we have 2 eyes but we see only half the picture, and most importantly, we are equal, God made us equal and forever will be equal, it’s as simple as that.

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