The 7 best games of nintendo switch to enjoy in group Essay

The 7 best games of Nintendo Switch to enjoy in group

We tell you which are the best Nintendo Switch games to share with your friends and family. With these titles they will have guaranteed fun!

It does not matter if you tend to play on PC or in a console, surely there are video games that have marked some stage of your life, either because of the history, the challenge, the gameplay, or any other factor that has kept you "stuck" to the screen for hours And like any gamer, you know that playing in the company of other people delivers a special emotion, that's why we bring you this article.

With the hybrid capability of its new console, and its innovative "joy-con" controls, Nintendo Switch has released a variety of titles designed to play cooperative and multiplayer. If you are a fan of the gaming world and you are looking for a game to enjoy or compete with your loved ones, we invite you to continue reading, as this article will list the 10 best Nintendo Switch games to enjoy as a group.

1. 1-2-Switch

1-2 Switch contains 28 dynamic minigames of various types that fully exploit the Joy-cons's ability, using the potential of all its infrared and HD vibration sensors to capture actions and movements within the game.

Among the mini-games, there are team challenges, such as " Copy the Pose!", In which each player must perform 3 different dance poses, challenging the other team to copy them, to the rhythm of the music, and duels such as " El Fastest trigger ""," Samurai training " and " Roquero Challenge ".

In addition, it is interesting that, in many of these tests, players should not even look at the screen, but directly at their opponent, using their senses to win, which gives the group a different experience.

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe there are no guarantees, anyone can reach the goal and ruin a seemingly secure victory. This game offers a great opportunity for families and friends to meet and compete for heaven, walls, roof, land and sea , launching -and receiving- objects and traps in its 48 creative tracks.

This delivery now has more than 40 different characters , and in its multiplayer mode can join up to 4 runners locally in front of the screen , and connect up to 8 players with local communication , which makes the adrenaline grow much more. A must for the gamers of yesteryear!

3. Arms

Arms is a boxing title in which fighters have long spring arms , which they can stretch to reach their opponents and hit or take them. In the fights, it emphasizes the timing when attacking and dodging, as well as the characteristics of the character and the fists that are chosen, since each one presents strengths and disadvantages.

In addition to fun and exciting, it is a fairly strategic game. To win, it is necessary to take advantage of the selected character and the weaknesses of the opponent. It can be played online and locally in multiplayer mode.

4. Rocket League

Rocket League is the mix of football and cars. It is one of those games that arouse the laughter of the whole group , while trying to master the controls to take the ball to the opponent's goal, in the presence of explosions , traps and extreme shocks to keep the ball. It is a very fun and entertaining game, especially when all players manage to adapt to the controls. So if you're a great gamer, you can have some advantage.

5. Overcooked Special Edition

In Overcooked , all players must coordinate to attend the kitchen of a restaurant . Each player will have to adopt a task such as cutting, washing dishes, heating or serving , putting teamwork, communication and difficulties in the kitchen to the test so as not to disturb each other. It is an interesting game designed for all the family and friends.

6. Just Dance 2018

If the dance titles have been the group's favorites, Just Dance is the perfect game. They will be able to enjoy dancing their favorite songs, competing to reach the best rhythm and movement. Its playability is simple and practical, and you can even connect the cell phone to the console as an additional control.

7. Splatoon 2

This colorful and addictive sequel to the famous shooter action game , this time features improved graphics , a local cooperative mode for 4 players and the ability to play multiplayer online with your own voice chat . The new accessories, weapons, tracks and characters of Splatoon 2 , make the painting war, a much more exciting and demanding battle.

In this 2018, new titles of Nintendo Switch are expected to enjoy among family and friends. Meanwhile, it's a good time to make some calls, buy snacks and gather the group in the game room, to enjoy these 7 exciting games of Nintendo Switch offers them all.

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