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The 1960 is beginning of the Americas from the dawn of the golden age with the face of John F. Kennedy. John Kennedy was the main frontier of the most important part of the coming 60s. The era of 1960 was coming with unusual changes not in America as well as to other countries; those were connected through culture and people who is part of it. This start was not just the beginning of 1960 but the future of America also, where poverty and social discrimination is more than anyone ever expected. With the inaugural address of John Kennedy, the hopes of the people of America are somehow gives believe in his presidency. The president who was believed to be of the 20th century through ideas towards the future of America which was came never before.

The inaugural address of John Kennedy was very well mentioned with expectation of people who are from America or other countries that is African Americans or Native Americans. The address was clear with their initiative, they about to bring for the future and one of the most vital to everyone wanted is peace that was lost due to the heavy burden of weapons, poverty, social discrimination between man and woman and colors. As the inaugural address began the main agenda is clearly expressed that is freedom or it can said as emblematic of freedom was raised with winning of John Kennedy (A&E Television Networks, 2016). With the speech of Kennedy words ‘the world is very different now’ is clearly indication of people from other countries who became part of the America, which kept America into the strike, lost in peace as white people are not ready to give or share with people of another country that is said to be black people. As the speech went further Kennedy main strike was severe problems which affect the peace of America that is poverty, eradication of food, things which were against the nature or well being of human being. The John Kennedys was cleared with the aim as well as positively about the steps need to be taken to cover up situation that provide an America status of nonviolent country. The words ‘ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country’ which encouraged people towards betterment and contribution for their own and America (Jeff, 2016).

Mainly every line of the speech of John Kennedy included well being of the people of the America as well as of the whole world by making it clear what was expected from America. The attributes of John Kennedy speech refreshed the citizens of America to do something for their country and the message was delivered to every corner of the country as well as world to help them make a safer place to live by outnumbering peace and humanity with weapons which burdened the country. John Kennedy tried every possible way to encourage their citizens for peace by mentioning them about their tradition and culture by motivating to get all possible help from all the spheres. It’s possible not only he chose his country, but culture of other countries is also chosen (John F. Kennedy Presidential library and museum, 1961). The People of America were distinctly expressed with intentions that raised hopes and increased confidence for the better life they are seeing in thoughts of their new president as every person welcomed to come out and take the initiative to make the world a secure place to live. Inaugural speech of John Kennedy included every part that makes any country a safe and secure place to live that are by stopping the production of weapons and terror, reducing the use of atoms or any negative use of science which can affect human or mankind, encouraging for the use of wonders science for the betterment of life. John Kennedy warned the people of America or every country, whether individually or collectively to come up or curb from any wrong way which can affect peace which was the immediate requirement. With the inaugural address of John Kennedy and his charisma encouraged the youth towards the new frontier, which give rise in the participation of the youth in the civil rights movement. Every way was used to gather people to act collectively by forgetting any kind of discrimination and leaving any kind of hatred aside by summoning his victory as a symbol of freedom that was to free people from any kind of problem going through that is poverty, racism and unemployment (Lee & Austen, 2015).

The invitation that was given to every nook and corner of America and other countries which are under the consideration or not with the possibilities of a coming future by John Kennedy, so that any wrong happening can be prevented. The ways that he used was by warning them about the reach of cooperation, by staying divided, wrong use of science that can hamper the growth or in any way can relate to America, this may be considered as the fear that was expressed before he witness any. His strong expression towards the countries to not to take or believe America weak nation by mentioning do not be antagonist and requested them to participate them peace it can be expressed as concern and hope. John Kennedy’s idea of world with peace and betterment was the symbolic of the 1960s as it began with the initiative of the president who strongly recommended the world to act collectively bolster with security of law and peace where the weak is secured and peace is preserved (SHMOOP University, 2016). The inaugural address was indicative of bringing peace and bringing action non-violently, which was the main agenda to overcome the terror and differentiation which is going at a pace between African-Americans, with the native Americans. The movement called civil right movement that began for inclusions of African-American to enter in public places by giving them civil rights that later extended to the women’s freedom has to be given in male dominant society. John Kennedy made use of every possible way to make a world safer place by encouraging them to make it better, so that no one has to shift to other places or no need of joining other societies when you make the effort. The awareness and sense of freedom were begun with the inaugural address of John Kennedy, which kept everyone equal with no inequality between sex, race and color.

The period of the 60s was different from the previous periods as from 1960, sense of awareness has been shifted between the world to their own world by raising a movement and protesting with no violence which was the mark of the inaugural address by John Kennedy which indicates towards peace. There are various movements happened that is a civil right movement which started from African American then included native Americans after that women’s also. The other was space programs that are the three person Apollo spacecraft, which achieved Kennedy’s goal which left a mark to world that United States surpassed the soviet capabilities and this achievement was carried forward by the president Lyndson Johnson, after the assassination of John Kennedy. The last and the most important mark which was left by in the 1960s is the war which can further affect the peace and world as the war was taken over decisively by John Kennedy, which gave him the more trust of people and made him favorite for re-election for president of the United States of America (Walsh, 2010). The war that can have multi effects that can be called as a nuclear effect was called off with decision of John Kennedy at the last moment by putting pressure by announcing curb on missile delivery from one place to another which saved the world from effecting peace and created awareness among people by announcing it instead of solving diplomatically.

This period of 1960’s changed the world ideology by awakening them to remove social barriers, which are affecting their growth and sense of freedom. The John Kennedy, though won the elections from Nixon, but with little margin, which kept him for not making reforms which can boost the economy of America. Unaccepted reforms did not stop John Kennedy as he made the very best possible use of human and economic resources of America. With new president, many problems surrendered with peace and solving it with the help of people as that wage rate was the highest of all time that is $95 a week. As from this period, it recognized that there would be a gay right movement that can be seen from white people or from male dominant society that is women started protest for their rights. In the 1960s, barriers between rich and poor, black with white and difference of equality between men and women removed, so that there would not be any kind of differentiation between the people whatever work they do. In the period of John Kennedy, important advances were made for the uniformity in America and the removal of any kind of racism, whether between rich or poor or people of another country. The efforts are by opening forty-one additional school districts in the South America by giving admission to Negro students into formerly all-white schools making to 897 the number of school districts, peaceful sitting of Negro and white students together starting from 1960. This has not only outpaced the peace, but also had ended segregation in restaurants and at lunch counters in more than 200 southern communities. This gives the sign of "freedom rides," the name given to orderly, non-violent protests against segregation in public transport facilities.

With the winning of John Kennedy, there’s a huge motivation to youth as cabinet of the white house was the youngest of all, the past officer who joined a cabinet of the white house. The sign of freedom is for all who can contribute to the growth of America. For example, black people were given a participation in the cabinet or all government level services that is inclusion at higher level posts with white people, so that there would not be any kind of racism. In the inaugural address of John Kennedy, he expressed torch has been passed to the new range of Americans referred to the youth (U.S. Department of State, 2008). During that period, Counter culture was much known among the people to go opposite the culture by longer hair and beards became common, blue jeans and tee shirts took the place of jackets, slacks, and ties. The Beatles, the rolling stones and other British groups, single singer became popular. The youth counterculture took the final stage when it took the festival, which is mythological in films and record albums, and name was ‘the Woodstock generation’. After this, there was a beginning of manifestation of the new thinking of youth that led the rise of young and college all from age radicals.

The advent of the John Kennedy frontier was not only emblematic of freedom, but also of equality in all kinds of spheres. With the beginning of 1960, it was clearly stated that another revolution was about to begin which happened with the new presidents and its inaugural address which motivated all the depressed people and warned the wrongdoers. This 60s hold the future of America by giving them a sense of freedom and social equality which was clearly stated in inaugural address that everyone have right to live equally without caring about rich and poor, color discrimination or any kind of discrimination which can affect the peace of society. The John Kennedy addresses not only present situation, but coming future also as he stated in his speech this change would not take 100 days or 1000 days or in his administration, change will begin when people start working on it. This charismatic effect not only become the motivation for the people, but also symbolic of 1960 when the administration and people started working together for peace and well being of everyone on this earth.


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