The 5 Worst Cars Of 2018 Essay

Without bothering to bother those who own one of these vehicles, they are not exactly the best in the market Maybe they are not bad, or at least they do not seem so, but according to those who have acquired them, they are a total disappointment, cars that perhaps were fairly well valued, that had good publicity and in the end are not what they seem. In this list you will find cars of every type of classification, from sub compact to sedans and some SUV, and many of them surely appear among those who had thought about acquiring in coming dates, however, we recommend that you pay attention to what here refers.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Among the small cars is one of the worst qualified in issues such as manageability, performance and reliability, however, its gasoline economy saves a little. Your small three-cylinder machine that barely develops 76 horses will make you feel like a bad joke. For the 13 thousand dollars it costs, there really are better options in the market.

BMW 6-Series

What, a BMW on the list? Yes and everything has an explanation and she is in the class she is in, because she promises a lot and offers little for the more than 80 thousand dollars it costs. At first, if you are very tall forget it or your head will need an extra floor. Its six cylinders in line that throw 315 horses are not worth the little comfortable that is this vehicle that yes, it has super luxury finishes.

Chevrolet Trax

The economic and twin version of the Buick Encore but poor in terms of performance and comfort, plus its cost is excessive for its size, taking into account that it is a small SUV and costs as much as several medium-sized. Neither its 1.4 turbo engine is capable of leveling its lack of power, especially when accelerating.

Ford Fiesta

It had already appeared on a positive list, but we can not forget its lack of comfort, equipment and especially security measures, in fact, nor its design that is clearly beautiful, manages to get this little boy afloat. If we have to be fair, we can not expect great comfort in a compact sub.

Nissan Versa

The Versa is one of the best selling cars in Latin America, it is that it is cheap and durable, but it also has an unattractive design, it is not very powerful and its performance is also quite poor. Its exterior design and the finishes do not help either, although its weakest point is security, which has questioned the viability of its future existence.

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