"That Munchhausen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For the 79th year, a film about the opposition of the gray mass and free personality - some spirit of the times. Totalitarian society learns to self-criticism, analyze their own pros and cons, due 'to regime' repressive past; Munchausen and publicly speaks about freedom, which gives a person the ability to think and only based on this ability to sense of humor. Moreover, the film is a hymn to all unbroken rebels from among neubivaemoy, each time reviving the intelligentsia, which did not allow the masses to freeze and rot in his shallow, petty narrow-minded little world and agree with any, even the most absurd actions of the authorities.
However, if we consider the the film apart from the era, it has generated, it is impossible not to recognize that bright personality not as likely to suffer from violent opposition on the part of society, and from a misunderstanding and indifference. If a person thinks that he is surrounded by a gray mass of ordinary, it usually does not talk about its originality, but of poor socialization, and more about idealism and intransigence. And the society does not accept such people not because he was afraid, but because they are annoying. Who would like, when you learn to live? 'Who is he, in fact, such as to write us all' gray mass '?'. Sympathize Myunghauzenu possible (especially if you do - the same honest, lively, unwilling to tolerate hateful despondency being pragmatic masses), but to agree with him ... He tells us: 'Smile, gentlemen! Smile ... '- and he knows how to do it? I am a person with a sense of humor is able to record all in 'idiots' because they did not take his enthusiasm is not very clear ideas and not very believable stories
Because if you look at these 'masses' - they do not like boring as it seems at first glance. The most ordinary, unremarkable stranger is able to surprise you, unless you relate to the world an open mind and do not judge all by itself. Something holy and infinitely wise can be found in the most seemingly simple and familiar things - these Tyrolean hats and burgher consciousness of inhabitants of Hanover; in cupcakes Moomin mom, she is ready to oven even in a speeding comet to her house; in chicken broth Bessie of the Glass family, who, in her opinion, a cure for depression and any other mental ailments. And we can only repeat after Zooey:
'I do not care where he plays an actor. Maybe in the summer theater, maybe on the radio, or on television or in the theater on Broadway, hell, just before the overdressed, the most well-fed, most sunburned audience, what you can imagine. But I'll tell you a terrible secret. You are listening to me? All of them, every one of them - is thick aunt was talking about Seymour. And your Professor Tupper, too, brother. And his whole damn bunch of relatives. In the whole world there is no man who would not be Simorovoy Tolstoy's aunt. You did not know? You did not know this bloody mystery? And do not you know - Listen, Listen - do not know who is this Fat Aunt really Oh, brother?. Oh, brother. It is Christ himself. Christ Himself, buddy '
But getting rid of selfishness, intolerance, from the youthful thrust to divide everything in the' black 'and' white ', learn not to cut straight from the shoulder -. It possible to relieve the inescapable longing for a miracle, a desperate rush to do the impossible when all the wise men, pozhivshie has long been recorded in your love and psychophysiology 'hormones', your longing to 'foolishness suffering from idleness', and at the head of all this put the most terrible and cynical: common sense ... Where would we be friends? if not these desperate dreamers believe in miracles, and kept the faith despite Behold obstacles - and created these wonders? The great geographical discoveries, unique works of art, brilliant book remains relevant at all times, in the end - flights into space and the belief that we are not alone in the universe ...
Question complex and ambiguous. The film is too simple and straightforward for its ideas - it could be developed further, to present a thinner, which was made into a film of the same Mark Zakharov 'The House that Swift Built ". That film has, you might say, 'an amateur', to him it is possible to apply the definition of 'art-house', it makes you wonder - as 'the most Myunghauzen' no doubt and feelings nedogovoronnosti, it is direct and simple as books by Vladislav Krapivin his morality arrives on the forehead and leaves no options. But so what? Sitting in front of a screen and watching how things are going, do not you think, not behaving internal dispute with the characters - just like - through laughter and tears - a bright, mocking, lively and incredibly human heart, a brilliant creator - Oleg Yankovsky ...

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