"That Munchhausen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- Well, why do you still refuse to marry your local pastor
-? He says I'm married
-. Married
-? Married
-. The fact that Baron was indeed his wife, but she was gone ...
- she ran away from me two years ago
-. to tell the truth, Baron, I would be in its place did the same
-. that's why I not married to you, Martha ...
Yes, it is - a more precise definition of the picture I find can not. Maybe the point is that I am still under the impression? I do not know. But the film is really a genius
About the film:.
mood of the film - it is the main feature. Do you understand this before as delve into the essence of the picture itself, and its plot. From the very first conversations it becomes clear that the band obviously did not give you miss, and you with pleasure and interest prosleduesh with characters to the end of the maze of plot
-. Here, you say - hunting
-. I say ?
- well, do not tell, do you think

-. you're saying that a man can raise his hair
-? Absolutely! Thinking person would have from time to time to do it.
second 'ace' films is its atmosphere, the unity of the scenery. Around run ordinary people on the pavement knocking the wheels of the carriage, each gentleman, regardless of his financial situation, with currently available sword, and somewhere in the depths of the narration idyll on the light pulled out the sounds of quiet, beautiful music. This is the Germany of the XVIII century, realistic sketch that we see in the picture
About the actors:.
There is a saying: "a man is judged by their looks." Proceeding from it, it can be assumed that the 'talk of the movie by its cover'. Frankly, if it were that easy, we would not have the pleasure of seeing these masterpieces. And it would become this sad at heart. But ... for the start address to the list of actors:
Oleg Yankovsky - aka Baron Munchausen, Karl. The role is played, as they say, great! But the matter is not only in the role, and in the man himself. It is very sad that Oleg Yankovsky, left this world, but the joy of what is his films and the role in which he put the soul and, seeing that, we believe that indeed there were such people. What they loved, they laughed, joked and ... just lived. Thank you, Oleg
-. Did night
-? Night
- How long
-? The evening.
Elena Korenev - the incomparable Martin. The whole movie plot revolves around her and Baron. She dreams that would have them were married, but no one dares to this by saying: 'Unfortunately, his wife alive, you can not marry a second time. " Elena Korenev role played perfectly in any case - there is no desire to find fault, and whether it is necessary? Good actress, a great image, unique game. I do not know how to fold her relationship with Jankowski on the set, but in the frame, they look good, though complementing each other
Alexander Abdulov -. He also Ramkopf. An amazing actor and the role of its amazing. As death Jankowski, Abdulov's death has left a sad mark on the hearts of his idols. A great man who played the role of the great and good - unless you need something more, that would remember and love him? I think no. His memory will always remain in our hearts, and his face is a mask of many heroes of films and its unique game - before our eyes
Leonid Yarmolnik -. Plays Theophilus Munchausen, 19-year-old son Baron. What is more, as they say, my son can have mothers who only thinks about how to benefit from the post of 'the wife of Baron'? So, watching the game Yarmolnik, you believe in what he does' the son of your mother. " Man young, but it does not mean that the smart - quite the contrary. Yarmolnik a great actor, and there is no point in any way to deny it. His talent is known for many films, where he played a major role in this, for example, as 'Captain Blood' and 'The Man from Boulevard des Capucines'.
As well as Igor Kvasha, Inna Churikov, Vladimir Dolinsky, Semen Farad, Igor Yasulovich, Yuri Katin-Yartsev, and many other excellent and memorable actors to take part in the filming of the movie and played a key role there. They are talented and realistic game to remember. ! I want to say Thank
The picture is full of humor, but humor is good and harmless. Jokes deeply haunting and sometimes ponder over their depth. A sure sign of genuine popularity, of course, is that the picture is "That Munchhausen" immediately sold on the proverbs and sayings.
Cooperation Grigory Gorin with Mark Zakharov gave domestic audience more virtuosic, sparkling, witty and really smart movie, . of which this film is perhaps the best and most perfect
- When I get back, let it be six o'clock
-. six in the evening to six in the morning
-? six days!
10 of 10
If you have not yet managed to see this movie, do not be afraid to lose more than two hours on such a pleasure. You will not regret.

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