"That Munchhausen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have no words to describe the impression that with every new viewing makes me the blockbusters. Generally, a person can say a lot, judging by its relation to a given picture. If he calls it "absurd farce ', and believes that it was not necessary to break the baron so, and that to become' all '- not a bad idea - like an individual, probably a bore and a formalist - to match myunhgauzenovskomu environment. If he is sympathetic to the main character - probably me extraordinary and freedom-loving person
Probably because of all the work of Zakharov this -. The most profound. Throughout the film, I do not get tired to admire Munchausen - a strong personality, ready to defend its last truth. And in fact, he almost won the people around him, the false and mundane - they are lost in response to his witty replicas! He'd reached the end, if not ... the beloved, like as the closest and understanding person
Yes, the first impression of it is made up is -. A kind of ray of light in the darkness. However, the course of action it turns out that this characterization is incorrect. Maybe she just thought: 'fun here': Fly Me to the Moon, talking with Newton and Shekspirom- not get bored! And you can pretend Thus, if necessary, like everyone else. Not good. For some reason I always thought that the person whom you love, you need to take this for what it is, and not try to change it. Yes, in some small ways, some concessions are possible, but, hell, honor and dignity - this is not trivial! And it's not so much the 32 th of May. And the fact that he would have to lie, which he, according to his own conviction, and in fact - never does
Nevertheless Munchausen feeling was so strong that for the sake of his beloved, he made one of the worst things -. Samoizmenu . But the rejection of the extra day vesny- it's not so bad. It must be more and their 'bogomerzkih fantasies "abdicate. Bot this is, I believe, in any gate not climbing, but Munchausen and went for it! So, here he became an ordinary man. Terrible and hopeless it was to me to look at the 'gardener Muller', talks about the benefits of its flowers ... But he did izmenilsya- for her! Rich, became the All As well, it would seem, live and rejoice! - no! She was sick of everything. 'Muller' has changed again, back again, finally sebya- not thank God
But Munchausen died - and immediately became a great son of the Fatherland. He put monuments to him devote hits, his adventures replicate. Almost with tears in his eyes speeches about how unfair it was to his contemporaries, and that many geniuses evaluated only after death. And the 32 of May, it turns out, there is, in fact, introduced to the rank of national holiday! Amazed everyone and hameleonstvu hypocrisy, which, however, yet to reach its peak. Thomas neveruyuschiy- pastor, his wife and son, sleeping and seeing themselves property owners 'loony Baron' (Well, that is touchingly caring about it), cowardly and generally unpleasant 'family friend', the Duke-formalist bent on cutting and sewing - all these images are so alive and relevant, while narrating.
and all would be well, if it was a true son of the Fatherland suddenly rose, thinking that, returning himself, he returns Martha. Grieving relatives and family friends, this situation is, of course, could not be to the liking: they are good Munchausen - a dead Munchausen! The Court, with its predictable, it would seem, the outcome, and vdrug- the only witness for the defense! The meeting collapses instantly!
the way, the 'best friend' suddenly became blind and completely trust the court will. It's not so hard to guess what was the reason for his unexpected illness: the mayor, as he said in plain text, was in the service, and, if there had been subsequently its solution, they say, unpopular, he would be threatened with ba-alshoy trouble. Maybe he would not be threatened, but better safe
Finally -. Expertise! You can get down to real business! But Martha agrees to accept the terms 'close friends Baron' and decides to say that he de gardener. I do not believe, it turns out in his strength. Others, of course, also did not believe. But as rightly said Theophilus, 'they have something contemporaries, and we- family!' March - seems to be the closest person, and goes' you, Brutus. " This' I will deliver you ... "she stated with bitterness and at the same time with such obvious pride, if she makes the feat in his name.
Finally finale. Perhaps the most expressive. Just like clockwork, vdrug- 'they put crude gunpowder'! Thomas brings dry (that's how I knew in the end - only the soul, somehow understanding Munchausen), and Carl Jerome is going to carry out his intention, but ... The audience (be true to say so) in a panic: this outcome events are by no means included! It is clear that everything - not excluding the ducal personage - fly in the air. And the gardener Muller instantly transformed into Munchausen miracle - hurray! Hurrah! Hurrah! - Risen! Not for Munchausen they feared - him something ugh - and for their own skins. And when the question is about her, the Baron is possible to recognize even the innkeeper
Jakobina once said:. 'Pravda- is that at the moment is considered to be true'. It's not just fraza- is the motto of the whole of their society. And at the moment really think that it Myunhgauzen- Munchausen. And then all see the light! And (ex-) wife recognized the (ex-) husband, father and son, and Others- other! Less than a minute, as an accomplished, This wonderful metamorphosis! And the moon, it turns out, still flying! And even Jakobina him company was! Just marvels, and only! ..
That's all, the end of the end. And Carl-it is realized. His phrase 'Baron Munchausen famous not that fly or not fly to the moon, and the fact that not everything in it vrot'-. He, in contrast to all this gray mass, was not printsipialen- up of formalism, however. Therefore something and went to his long journey.
When watching the final scene, I have a strange unexplainable feeling haunts me sometimes ... unity with eternity, that is ... Plus more melody, of course, extraordinary quite melody, motive permeated light sadness ...
as for the actual lifting of Munchausen to heaven, it is not just some sort of gesture, as a symbol, and it can be interpreted in very different ways. I also closest to this idea: he still flies to the moon (if he was not Karl Friedrich Hieronymus ..!), And then after many thousands of years back ... None of the inhabitants, of course, does not remain, but, perhaps there will be new people, a new society - the truth, not a lie ...

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