"That Munchhausen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As you know, the literary characters are often the personification of certain human qualities, mostly negative. Greed - a Plyushkin, avarice - The Miserly Knight, envy - Salieri, jealousy - Othello . And if a person is a liar, he is called Baron Munchhausen . Yes, this is the most famous trickster in the world literature.
But Mark Zakharov and Grigory Gorin is the opposite. Baron Munchausen is famous for the fact that never lies. It turns out, and his flights of the nucleus, and pulling the hair out of the swamp, and deer with cherry wood color - it's all true, it all was? Yes, it's true, and it was everything. Just not in the mundane real world. And in his world. In reality it . In the world of the beautiful, wonderful games, art world, because Munchausen creator. Just do not all have access to this world. Not all admitted there. Who is admitted? True to Thomas , loving March . And there is a camp of "foreign", boring, serious, "adult" people. Pastor ( Vladimir Dolinsky ) - dull and dark as his black cassock. Duke ( Leonid Bronevoy ) - it sort of sympathizes Munchhausen , and nothing against him does not have, but in general its concern more design issues and tailoring. Henry Ramkopf ( Alexander Abdulov ) - energetic, even too much, and at the same time stupid and cowardly. A man without honor - such a place in the world of Baron Munchausen will never happen. Theophilus ( Leonid Yarmolnik ) - nothing of his remarkable father. Silly, ridiculous incompetence. Mockery of nature. The Mayor ( Igor Kvasha ) It helps to Baron. Friend? But stronger friendship from him - pathetic eagerness to please "and ours, and yours," not to spoil its relations with either Duke or with Baroness
Jakobina Baroness von Munchausen . - the most interesting character of the camp of "foreign". In the first place because it, unlike others - clever. She is very clever! Her enrage not fancy Baron. Maybe she'd even accepted these his imagination and come up with how to get out of these inventions benefit and profit, and they would bring her money. Yes, sorry - do not let her back into the world of the baron. No it - clever, beautiful - turn into this world, where talking to Shakespeare and fly to the moon. That's why she is angry - jealous! She - a woman with charm, strong, intelligent, practical, penetration - and not given. Be such as Baron, to be with him - it is not given. And she believes that she deserves this. Inna Churikov stunning in the role. Her Baroness can not love, but it is impossible to hate, because she is talented, in another sphere - but talented
Given March .. But, however, is it really so good March in the "other world"? After all, in fact, it is still "the earth." She longs for "the earth", the official marriage. And it turns out, what she asks Baron? Asks lie. Its that never lies! He asks to be like everyone. And ask the Baron to be like everything - all the same what to ask him to die. The choice of actress to play Marta is actually very accurate. Elena Korenev - actress ambivalent, for it is not fixed nor purely positive nor purely negative images, she successfully played and those and others. And March get this such a volatile, unstable due to the contradictory image of a lively and bright
The world is split in May 32 Here are checked everything.. Friends, enemies, lovers and ... Baron himself. And it turns out, no one can withstand this happiness - extra day. But Baron - not all
Baron Munchausen can not live -. Such. That is how the scene plays Oleg Yankovsky . Tears in his eyes, and - all the same smile, the intonation on the rise and then fallen to a whisper voice. Tragedy of Loman, destroys human betrayal handed piercing and bright.
Inconvenient Baron disappears. We stayed in the real world begins a new concern - the glorification of Baron Munchausen . Now he - an idol, a god, a hero. Only the noise of the whole post-mortem - lie. It always has been, and so it is now - remember Vysotsky, Tsoi, Vlad Galkin ...
And then, like a phoenix reborn Baron Munchausen ! But no one is not happy. Again, the truth is taken for a lie, and a lie - for the truth ... But do not need love, baron, not loyalty. A FAITH. It is more expensive than love. And even life . To hell with a lie. After Baron Munchausen never lies. And this cannon charged with dry powder, and the staircase leads upwards. And he leaves the stairs - straight into the sky. Smile, gentlemen! Serious face - this is not a sign of intelligence. All stupidity in the world are done with this look on his face ...
It's not just a movie ... It's a whole era, the whole life . Unfortunately, nothing of the sort will not withdraw and do not write. This is the standard that will delight people as long as they have not forgotten how to think . Consummate masterpiece. Here you can laugh and cry, a storm of emotions. The film was relevant, and always will be so. Actors played all brilliant, but Jankowski, it is all super. And his remarks ...
It is absolutely versatile film - it is about love and hate, of loyalty and betrayal, the stupid politicians and stupid commanders, that the truth is not always obvious and not always It looks like the truth. This is a brilliant movie, the movie is perfect - both in form and content, according to the actor's game, on music, on a scenario of directing - in all . I know this movie by heart and still are regularly reviewed, because perfection can watch endlessly.
Thanks to the geniuses who created this perfection . Thank fate that brought all these people together, thank you for the fact that this film is not put on a shelf and not destroyed, despite the fact that it is absolutely anti-Soviet. Thank you viewers who love this film. My generation is incredibly lucky, we were born, grew up, learned in the Soviet Union, work has already started in Russia. Saw the break periods, the best books, movies come and read. Music for all times, films, and it was all so unusual and fun for real! Long live the Munchausen ! Cheers, gentlemen, love life, do not be like everyone else, and do not be afraid to die! And more often look at the stars !
Oleg Yankovsky has played a lot of roles, role important, become an event of Russian art. But when he left us so suddenly and forever, many programs, publications remembered for some reason Munchausen . And the final scene of the movie Zakharov has been shown so that it seems - it's not Munchausen , is itself Oleg out us up the stairs into the clear blue sky, wishing farewell: «Smile, misters, smile» ...
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