"Terminator" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

October 26, 1984 in the US began hire Terminator, the movie that made a revolution in the genre of science fiction. 25 years - a long time, and sometimes movies do not stand the test of time. But this is not the case, even though so many years have passed, the Terminator still remains one of the titans of the genre unsurpassed sci-fi
Of course, many of the ideas Terminator appeared out of nowhere -. Rebellious ideas of artificial intelligence and time travel already existed in fiction. We should not forget that the era was the apotheosis of the Cold War, and the subconscious fear that today may be the last before the mutual destruction pursued many ordinary people, which is reflected in the film.
According to legend, the image rises from the flames metal endoskeleton was James Cameron in a dream. Soon, with the support of his friend William Vishera he began work on the screenplay, which was soon to turn the movie world. Writing the script, Cameron has long tried to find some kind of studio that would be interested in the project, but it's not bad luck.
Ultimately, Cameron met with the young producer (who soon became his wife) Gale Anne Hurd , which has undertaken to co-produce the film under the condition that Cameron would have sold her the script and all rights to the characters for 1 dollar. It was the only chance, and Cameron went for it - sold the script and got the right to shoot the film himself. Virtually no one (except the Cameron, and another couple of people) did not believe in this idea that something will turn out - the budget was small even for those days (a total of $ 6 million), the studio is almost not allocated money for the campaign, considering that 2 Time will be removed from the film rolled, and one of the producers for the economy in general strongly begged Cameron to finish the film scene of the explosion petrol tanker, to which he replied laconically "F ** k you". And yet, in spite of fate, the film became a bomb, instantly finding iconic status, bringing the huge box office, and the glory of the director and the lead actor
Terminator - the first (if you do not consider it a failed operation in Piran 2) and darkest film Cameron . Dirty gate, dark streets, police stations sterile - this appears to us a modern Los Angeles
Terminator imbued with the spirit of 80th -. Clothing, hairstyle, sunglasses ... Disco Tehnuar general is a sort of collective image, which perfectly conveys the style and mood of the era. All these images are alternated with post-apocalyptic visions Incinerate fire of nuclear war in the world where a few survivors desperately fighting for survival on the ruins of modern civilization, and fight with the rebels machines. The main theme of the film - is the theme and the theme of the inevitability of invincible power, which symbolizes the unstoppable Terminator Terminator
plot is logical and interesting.. The first half hour we follow the stories of three key characters, which is about pereekutsya. Tension is growing, and at the time of the meeting in Tehnuare reaches its climax, to literally explode in a moment of magnificent action scenes. After that, the plot begins to accelerate and rushes at full speed to the inevitable finale. The last half hour generally constitute one of the most intense and interesting (simply the best) chases in movie history
fact, Terminator created a modern fantastic action, because before anything like it just not removed (Aliens, Predator, Robocop -. All this has been after). Car chases, shootouts, future scenes - all done at the highest level, which can only be achieved with such a meager budget. Music Brad Fidel perfectly enhances the impression of the film, and invented their title theme (to create the famous ta-ta-tam, he beat cast iron frying pan on a microphone) has become as famous as the word terminator.
Terminator combines all the characteristic creativity Cameron elements, such as the use of slow-mo before the action, the characters dreams, the use of red as a symbol of the impending danger, the oft-repeated motif when something heavy presses something delicate (such as tank tracks falling down the forehead vecheskie skull) and much more.
warmest words deserve actors. Michael Bina excellent success image of Kyle Reese, the soldier of the future, a man who has spent his entire life fighting vehicles, and seeing nothing but war, and caused her pain. It is called a volunteer at virtually a suicide mission and sent in our time (which looks like a fairy tale for him) to rescue his beloved, and to stop the Terminator. Reese racks, inventive, resourceful as a rat and will stop at nothing to fulfill its mission. But for all its severity, he still remains a man and hides inside it vulnerable soul
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator -. In fact, these words have become synonymous. After the film the image is almost unstoppable and invincible machine became legendary, and the word Terminator - a household name. With it you can not agree, it can not convince, he knows no pity, pity and fear, and that will never stop until he kills Sarah Connor. It is possible to shoot out of all kinds of large-caliber weapons, shoot down the machine, blow, hit an iron bar - but it will still carry out their mission (and it does not matter all that from him at that time will remain - a piece of the trunk, arm and head, he still never stop).
Linda Hamilton perfectly played the mother of the future savior of mankind, fragile-looking Sarah Connor, who moonlights as a waitress and not even guess about what role she was destined to history. In the course of the film her image undergoes great changes, and by the end of the film fragile and vulnerable it becomes a waitress in "the very Sarah Connor," the legend, which prepared her son to fight
Also, it should be noted actor -. < b> Paul Winfield, Lance Henriksen (though the role of the Terminator, and he did not get the robot from Cameron, he still played) and Earl Boen . Roles have a small, but memorable.
Terminator opened a new era in film, shown how to shoot fiction and proved that in the movie there is no low-genres that you can remove the gunman, who in the depth of drawing characters and semantic filling not only inferior, but superior to many traditional genres, the main thing - you just need to want and to be able to shoot, and then everything is possible
Terminator -. it is a film legend, the film without which it is impossible to imagine modern fiction and influence on the film can not be measured .
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