"Terminator" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Every legend has a beginning. Every journey begins with the first step ... In 1984 was born the real sensation, went to Hollywood Olympus as a young director and screenwriter James Cameron , and former athlete Arnold Schwarzenegger . And all thanks to the unexpected success of low-cost, but at the same time an original and captivating sci-fi thriller «Terminator» . At the time, nobody expected that the uncomplicated story of killer robots from the future, he found himself in our time with the sole purpose - to kill, produce such a strong sensation. However, James Cameron believed in his script. I believed, and his wife and part-producer of the film, Gale Anne Hurd . Collecting crumbs of the production budget in the amount of $ 6.4 million, second-rate director of "Piranha 2" sent in his first crusade, aimed at true demonstration of his talent. And efforts as we all know you paid off: Cameron and Schwarzenegger still rotating in the high circles of Hollywood society, and "Terminator" remains one of the most popular franchises, which in spite of the comparative cash and creative sequels failure still excites minds fans, and so creative death in the near future, it is clearly not threatened.
So, subject of the film tells the story of an ordinary waitress from Los Angeles named Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). One day in her life rushes strange man calling himself Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn). As the stranger says he came from the future in order to protect her from the killer robot Terminator (Schwarzenegger), for which the only policy objective is to kill Sarah. According to Reese, the future of the world lies in ruins. Robots subjugated all power on earth and in the end decided to destroy mankind. However, among the disparate groups not numerous militia found a leader who united the survivors of the united front and managed to give the machine unexpectedly strong resistance. His name - John Connor, son of Sarah. Foreseeing inexorably approaching defeat robots with the help of innovative technologies that are sent into the past of the Terminator, the purpose of which is the death of the mother of John Connor, leader of the resistance through which never see the light. But at the same time he Connor sends his best soldier Kyle Reese back in time, so that he, in turn, defended his mother from death. And the benefit of that Reese had time, because the robot killer is already out on the trail, and only moments did not have a car in order to fulfill its mission. But in front of Sarah and Kyle has a lot of problems, because the Terminator is not accustomed to retreat ...
first "Terminator" can not boast of some twisted plot, which is full of surprises and exciting discoveries. In fact the whole story with the usual couple of characters to escape from the robot, smashing everything in its path. But James Cameron knew what to do. His story looks fantastic and expensive, even without the use of the latest trend at the time of special effects and attract hundreds of extras. Directed skillfully comprehended episodes of post-apocalyptic future in a couple of action scenes, from which the creeps run so far. Well, who among us does not feel the tension, when the heavy tracks of one of the robotic vehicles passing through a field strewn with human skulls? In principle, for the fear of no longer need anything before the deadly technologies, because sometimes brings the minimum cost maximum emotion. But Cameron has not calmed down and decided to give the audience a couple of colorful action-packed moments, in which we see flying machines, destroy the people from the air and replace bullets lasers. Of course the production budget to quality recreation of the future is not enough, however, the idea of ​​the director were later borrowed for the more expensive and ambitious sequels that could, ideally, to show us all that in the distant 1984, up to, but failed to implement quality Cameron.
course the main element is attracted to viewing himself became the Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger became downright perfect embodiment of mechanical maniac, externally coated with human flesh. The entire movie actor utters just a couple of sentences, but Terminator charm comes not from dialogue and from the impressive appearance and uncompromising action. Schwarzenegger thanks to its huge size looks like an absolute force, embodied in a single body. Terminator exchanged for trifles, it does not enter into conversations, and act directly. And it is not important for him the image of the enemy. Robot without problems comes in full to overflowing the police station and hosts a very real carnage. The lives of others has no value for him. There is a purpose - Sarah Connor. And he goes to her no matter what. For the sake of added effect Cameron decked Schwarzenegger in jeans and cool leather jacket. Come to a substantially scared. But far worse to be his purpose. So the Terminator on the right was the most memorable way to Schwarzenegger's career, and with him he will always be associated. This is no exaggeration.
It would seem that with such a powerful villain goodies priori will look pale and expressionless. But Linda Hamilton was able to bring a surprisingly smart and effective Sarah Connor, who wisely understands that the story Risa at least looks like ravings of a madman, but the heart feels the truth, but because long-empty talk in the subject is absent, is present as drive, tension and incredible passion born incredible time travel. As for the Kyle Reese, it certainly looks like a loyal soldier and a fighter against human genocide, just to name his image can not be completely straightforward. Michael Bean is a kind of the first sign of a change in facial features of the hero fighters 80. Kyle Reese can not boast of a square jaw and immense bitsepami who reserved the Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Our soldiers - is an ordinary man, forced to take up arms, and believes that once the target's resistance to change the world for the better. Reese shoots and misses sometimes, drives cars and gets into an accident, beats robot fist and gets suicidal surrender. Michael Bean is truly embodied a living person in the film, where the ball is ruled by a robot. For that he and considerable respect, because he not only lost against the background of spectacular Schwarzenegger, but in some ways it has eclipsed
In the end I want to say that «Terminator» -. It is the Hollywood classics at which to read every movie lover. James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us the legend that grows and develops to this day. Of course, you can first of all get acquainted with pictures of killer robots who removed the other directors and with a much bigger budget, but they are still not as good as the first "Terminator". Despite the year of creation and the overall statement of modesty, Cameron film is striking in its ideas and its enthusiastic implementation. So throw out of my head and ran prejudices to watch. The picture's worth it!
8 out of 10

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