"Terminator" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Terminator» - the cult science fiction movie, which heard, probably all, and that was the beginning of one of the most famous and successful franchises; The film, which James Cameron announced himself as a talented director and master of Action; film made a star of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and glorified Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton ; the film that gave the world an unforgettable music Brad Fiedel
Finally, 'Terminator' -. a word that has become synonymous with and become a part of everyday life in value 'shredder'
The essence of Terminator
.. «Terminator - a system designed for integration into human society»
Terminator - the perfect fighting machine from the future, it is absolutely autonomous and also self-learning. Wherever it went, it will adapt to the conditions and completes the task. Strong, reliable, durable. If you think it is a dream of war. It does not ask too many questions and is ready to execute any order. The perfect soldier.
Terminator created in the image and likeness of man. His brain - a CPU. His senses - this sensor. As a person, he has a skeleton, muscle, skin, blood, sweat, breath ... It is made so that it is very difficult to distinguish from the human. This is the main advantage of the terminator, and it is the same - the main danger to people
The interior of the Terminator
«under the outer shell of the terminator mounted heavy-duty undercarriage of superalloys ....".
film is a reflection on the complex topics:
race to nowhere ... is it dangerous to man-made and human development which leads the arms race? Military development interests have long been a major force for progress. Even the Internet is the result of the Pentagon's development. One can only be amazed at how quickly improved military technology and how technology is slowly being introduced peace. In one 20th century humanity in the development of weapons make the leap from a simple firearm to hydrogen bombs - weapons capable of destroying our planet ... In the «Terminator» people in the pursuit of weapons eventually created an artificial intelligence (AI) and AI came to the conclusion that people often make mistakes and in general they are the weak link in his system (and was in his own right), and decided to destroy them. On top of the AI ​​has created a terminator. That terminator represents the anthropogenic development, as well as the replacement of the imperfect man. The film shows one of the possible results of thoughtless man-made human development
Future predetermined Another important issue, which is set in the film:.. Is it possible to change the course of time, and whether it is possible to change the future? The first film (as opposed to the «Terminator 2» ) clearly answers this question - no, impossible. Machines wanted to change the future, and people - to stop them, but the course and the other was already predestined. It would not be sent into the past Terminator, there would be no war, there would not be sent into the past Kyle Reese - there would be no human resistance leader. Not by chance the final battle takes place on a computer factory Terminator came back to where everything and had to start (the creation and flourishing Kiberdayn). . Full circle
The essence of the machine Intuitively, Terminator -. Not bad and not good, it's just a car, having a clear program. Of course, the Terminator - smart machine, even brilliant, but still losing in something man. It is symbolic that in the end, to destroy the Terminator people use other machines. Because any machine can serve a useful purpose - it depends on whose hands it was
The outer part of the Terminator
«... And all of this is covered on the outside.. living flesh. "
future master visualization, James Cameron Get the most out of the funds that were given to him in the film. And some of the scenes are the only and unique.
«and rose car from the ashes of nuclear fire. Their war against humanity was for decades, but the final battle will take place not in the future. It will take place in our time. Now ... »
The war of the future. Three short scenes-memories of Kyle Reese gives a good idea of ​​the terrible future that awaits humanity. The future is also dark as the night sky in it ... The remains of civilization, chaos, power machinery, guerrilla warfare, self-sacrifice and heroism of the people. Gorgeous scene in the bunker. It shows how difficult for people to experience this cataclysm, and the threat is even a single terminator.
«You can not stop it. He will pass through you ... »
I'll be back. A short phrase « I'll be back » Terminator began one of the most impressive and well-known Action scenes in the film - an attack on a police station. With a gun and a rifle at the ready Terminator crush of people - hard and fast, it just goes through the armed police as Rees predicted. This stage director stressed how people are vulnerable in the face of a formidable machine of the future. Gorgeous visual component here: excellent camera angles, spectacular insert "kind eyes" Arnold honed movement workshop pyrotechnics and stunt work, the dynamics of shooting. And all this under the legendary music Brad Fiedel .
Approaching storm. The ending of the film is brilliant. The road that goes to infinity, symbolizing time. The sky over the road on the horizon of pure blue becomes overcast dark stormy that symbolizes the difficult times for humanity. Against this background, it plays a powerful and beautiful at the same time the main theme of the film. Unforgettable finale ...
And this film, made for 6 million, and was originally considered a painting class «B»
At the entrance: independent studio a novice filmmaker, the little-known actors, a modest budget
at the output:. one of the most famous and the best Hollywood films in modern cinema

. PS
Metal for evil and for good. in parallel with the filming «Terminator» screenwriter William Uisherom with Randall Frakes the second book was written. Exactly matching the film, the book contains a number of details of the script, not included in kinovariant. For example, it is the answer to the question of how the Terminator had to learn that he had killed the very Sarah Connor. Not having any idea about its appearance, and even without knowing its exact name (Sarah J. Connor), he acted on the list, and killing another Sarah cut her thigh. He was looking for a metal pin. Terminator could not know that this pin Sarah J. Connor put only as a result of events in the computer factory, when a splinter from his (Terminator) metal skeleton would kill her thigh ...
history. Was 1991. Just when the Soviet Union collapsed. American films flooded into Russia in the video appeared in a broad sell video players, video opened. I was 6 years old. During a commercial break in the television show "Field of Dreams" I saw the commercial film. Roller lasted no more than 20 seconds. On the screen was a war of the future, different robots and healthy man with a "brutal" face and expressionless eyes. Even then I knew that an unknown movie from the TV will be for me the Best. That was, of course, «Terminator» ... And at this time on US screens out «Terminator 2: Judgment Day» , but this is another story ...

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